American Gladiators Season Two updates

American Gladiators season Two is currently taping at the Sports Arena, and we find out that there are about 16 American Gladiators (as there is also an Australian and English version that is new too).

So far, we know of seven new American Gladiators which include Jet (female winner from last season), Pheonix (female with pink hair), Panther (female), Steel (female), Hurricane (male with pink, blond and black hair), Zen (female), and Rocket (male).

And yes, Siren and Venom, Justice and Wolf are still there, and many others from Season One are there and competing. Others, including Fury and Stealth, are still injured.

And there are lots of new events, for a total of 15 events for Season 2. New events include  Tilt, Atlasphere, Vertigo, Rocketball, Snapback, and Skytrack.

More to come soon…