Kevin Levrone – new movie called ‘I Am’ and more

When we were in Boise, we got a chance to speak to Kevin Levrone about what is new in his life, and various subjects including his upcoming movie titled “I Am”. Kevin started to shoot the move in Castle Rock, Colorado around October 2007, and it is slated for a Fall 2008 release.

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Kevin Levrone Interview with Ron Avidan


Here is a synopsis of the movie. A film with the passion and exciting, raw emotional drama of Romeo and Juliet, I AM is the story of a young man who has always been everything to everyone. Marvin The Great Pearl is a man who is truly blessed in life and succeeds in everything he pursues; class president, valedictorian and star athlete turned global icon. He is in the midst of beginning his political career when through personal tragedy, or perhaps divine intervention, he finds that he is losing the most important thing in his life. It also happens to be the one thing in this world that he cannot control through his own power. And with the two most powerful words on the planet, I AM, Marvin is confronted with the decision of his life and death!

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I Am Movie Info and Trailer