IFBB Figure Pro Amanda Jo Savell and Dave Jacobs are found dead

I received the call very early this morning here in Los Angeles. What is going on? People rarely call this early? Did you hear the news? Amanda Jo Savell and Dave Jacobs were found dead in their house? WTF? Are you serious? Bull! No, I am serious? They are treating it as a murder, although the rumors are saying that Dave Jacobs shot Amanda and then killed himself?

I am still in a daze from hearing that such a beautiful person is gone this morning, and that we still don’t know much as the police are investigating to what happened? Some are saying it is a double murder, because of Dave Jacobs involvement with steroids, his talking about which players in the NFL are involved, and so on. Others are saying that this is a case of jealously, whereas Dave flipped out because Amanda was talking to various guys when Dave wasn’t there.  We don’t know.  All I know is that Amanda is not going to be around anymore? All I can remember is her friendly voice, great attitude, pictures and video interviews we did with her, and I feel sadness for her friends and family. 

From various friends, we know that the last anyone talked to Amanda is Monday evening. When her friends and family tried to text or call her Tuesday, she did not answer. That was unusual. By Wednesday, they were very worried that something had happened. They called the police to check it out. They finally went to check it out late Wednesday night. And it was Thursday morning that the worst fears had come true. Amanda was training to compete in the 2008 IFBB Europa Pro Figure show in August. Her friends knew something was wrong, because there was no way she would no be training for the show, and not calling her friends. Today, the figure community is stunned. This stuff just doesn’t occur.  

More rumors coming in – that Dave Jacobs was not there for the weekend, came back Monday, looked at Amanda’s cell phone calls, and flipped out when he realized that she was talking to guys that she dated before. People have said that Dave was insanely jealous, that he had flipped out in the past, and they had warned Amanda to not stay with him. It does appear that Dave shot her, and then killed himself.  Wow.  

Still, others say it was a double murder.  More information will come soon, perhaps clearing some up. But then again, I don’t think I will ever understand why. Amanda was 30 years old.  She will be missed. My condolences go out to her family and friends.