2009 Ironman winner – Silvio Samuel

Ok, I was wrong in my prediction saying that Moe Elmoussawi was going to beat Silvio here at the 2009 Ironman Pro.  But it was close.  Silvio looked great in the prejudging, but Moe did battle for redemption in the finals, with the 4th and final round decided by one point only going to Silvio. Still, Silvio let it be known to me that how could I not have chosen him going into the contest. After all, in the last two contests before the Ironman, Silvio did beat Moe. My lecture backstage and me begging forgiveness for my ‘wrong’ prediction was just.


So will these two battle again? Yes, they will, for in six weeks, both of these competitors will meet again at the 2009 Arnold Classic. Moe insists that he can only get better, and can  beat Silvio. Of course, at that contest, there are many other top competitors who will vie for the top positions (Victor Martinez, Kai Greene), but for the rumble between these two in the war of words, it will another rematch.


Congratulations to Silvio for being the 2009 Ironman winner, and receiving a very nice check, which Mr. John Balik wrote right on the spot backstage! For complete scorecard results, please go to:

2009 IFBB Ironman Scorecard Results