Victor Martinez’ sister murdered

Last Tuesday, it was reported that Eridania Rodriquez was missing. She went to work in a building near the World Trade Center, where she cleaned offices, and never came out. No one knew what happened, until they found blood leaking from a ventilation shaft this past weekend.

She was found bound and gagged, hand tied behind her back, feet and mouth taped, and on the 12th floor, whereas her cleaning cart was on the 8th floor. The autopsy confirmed that she died of asphyxiation by tape to her head and face.

Eridania leaves behind three children. She was the oldest of 10 siblings. Condolences to the Martinez’ family and her friends.  This is truly shocking, and we hope that they find whoever did this, and treat them the same. 

Will this affect Victor Martinez and his training in becoming the #1 bodybuilder in the world at the 2009 Mr. Olympia. How can it not? But Victor should press on ahead and dedicated his performance to his sister, for we cannot let evil stop us from what we do.

Victor Martinez, speaking on ABC News said “We loved our sister very much. Mother, grandmother. It is a horrible loss right now. I just hope that when they catch this guy, that the full extent of the law goes down upon him. She was the head of the family. She was also like a mother to us, to all of us”.