Promax Nutrition Distributors will not be able to sell in the EU next year

The Promax trademark fight was finally settled in the European Union. And it is not good for the authorize Promax Distributors there. Here is the final statement.

From: Timothy Welch – Chief Executive Officer, Promax Nutrition Corporation

As I have stated in my prior correspondence dated April 13, 2009, Promax Nutrition Corporation (“PNC”) and Maximuscle, Ltd. have reached a comprehensive, mutually agreeable settlement regarding future rights to the Promax trademark in the European Union.

Consistent with the terms of that settlement, as of December 31, 2009, PNC and its Authorized Distributors will no longer be permitted to sell PNC’s Promax®-branded products (the “Products”) in any European Union country. Furthermore, under no circumstances should any Authorized Distributor sell the Products at any time to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland or Sweden. Again, all sales of Products by PNC’s Authorized Distributors in the European Union must cease on or before December 31, 2009. Therefore, in order to ensure that sales are discontinued by such date, PNC will not ship any Products to Authorized Distributors in the European Union after November 1, 2009.