Jay Cutler on ESPN.com

Today on ESPN.com a comparison was made between Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler.

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re named Jay Cutler, a lot.

Everyone’s familiar with the Chicago Bears quarterback. You know — 6-foot-3, 233 pounds, threw five interceptions last week, fined $20K for abusive conduct toward a game official. If this were VH1, we might just say he had the worst week ever and leave it at that. But, alas, it gets worse.

Despite being the starting quarterback on football’s grandest stage, it’s debatable whether or not Jay Cutler is even the most successful Jay Cutler in the sporting world. Confused yet? Here’s the breakdown:

Bodybuilding’s version:
International Federation of Bodybuilders champion and reigning Mr. Olympia.
NFL’s version: INT leader (and that doesn’t stand for international).

Bodybuilding’s version: Born to pump iron.
NFL’s version: Born in Santa Claus, Indiana. I was trying to brainstorm some creative quip, but you can’t make that stuff up. And I don’t want coal for Christmas.

Bodybuilding’s version: 19.5 (inches around his neck).
NFL’s version: 17 (number of interceptions thrown this year).

Bodybuilding’s version: Competes for titles against the likes of Dexter “The Blade” Jackson and eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman.
NFL’s version: Competes for his job against the slightly-less-intimidating Caleb Hanie.

Bodybuilding’s version: Endorses MuscleTech supplements.
NFL’s version: Endorses press conference pouting.

Bodybuilding’s version: Appears in several bodybuilding DVDs, including “Ripped To Shreds” and “From Jay to Z.”
NFL’s version: Gets prophetic perspective from Stan in an episode of “South Park.”