Phil Heath is not going to compete in the 2011 Arnold Classic

From Phil Heath – “Hello all! After long thought and consulting with family and friends, I have decided NOT to compete at the ’11 Arnold Classic. This was a very difficult decision to make as I had a great ’10 season. I want to thank my beautiful wife Jennie for her on-going support along with my sponsors Team MuscleTech and Weider/AMI. ”

With this statement, the number two ranked IFBB pro bodybuilder in the world is foregoing the early season to concentrate on the 2011 Mr. Olympia in the hopes of defeating Jay Cutler and finally picking up the title of the best of the best. But Phil will surely be missed at the first Flex Pro, and now the 2011 Arnold Classic.

So who is happy with this? The other pro bodybuilders that are going to compete in these contests. The prize money at the Arnold Classic is only second best to the Olympia. See you there.