Meet Justin Lovato – Training for the NPC California

My name is Justin Lovato. I am an NPC National level competitor and truly believe to be a up and comer for this sport. In 2010, I took 3rd at the NPC California and 2nd at the NPC West Coast classic in my class. If you look at the pictures in the picture gallery on Getbig, you can see a huge difference between the two show and they were only a month apart. The first contest, at the NPC California, I was shredded, but flat. At the West Coast Classic, I wanted to see how full I could possibly get (experimenting) and learned a lot.

Afterwards, in the off season, I stayed very clean with my eating habits and also started to train again ‘old school’ like I was used to, and had great results. I am currently sitting at around 290+ pounds with some abs still showing. I have been at this weight before but usually kind of sloppy, never in this great of shape. I started my prep for the NPC California contest on January 1st and I am very excited.

My goal is to run threw this contest, and show up insane looking, with all eyes on me. I want to own this show! I feel it is important for me to do my best and win this contest do to the fact that my main goal is getting and winning the NPC USA’s this year. I feel if I clean up at the California or do extremely well, I will get some respect and get a good look from the judges at the USA’s.

I know I still have much to improve on and that’s what makes this sport so amazing. The journey to continue and push yourself beyond limits you never thought was possible. I am working with and will be posting every few weeks on my prep and how it’s going. I am pumped for this year!