Justin Lovato – 290 pounds today

Here is my second entry for my blog at Getbig.com as I am getting ready for the contests.

Checking in again, I am about 18 weeks out from the NPC California bodybuilding contestl and 26 weeks out from the NPC USA’s. My weight seems to be floating between 288 to 291 pounds. February 1st is when the prep really starts and I will begin doing cardio throughout the week.

My goal throughout this prep is to keep my food intake high while doing more cardio (walking, stair mill). I believe if my calories stay on the high end and I do more cardio, I will then keep a lot more size, be harder and have a much denser look for the contest.

I wrote my diet up and my calorie intake is right around 4,400 a day. Also, I’m not going to be training quads for about a month! Why? Well they are a very strong point for me now, almost too big (in comparison to my upper body).

So I believe if I take the muscle group(s) that need more work and hit them twice a week instead of training quads, I really think they will respond. Quads require a lot of nutrition and recovery time. I believe this will allow all the nutrition to go to “weaker points” instead of my quads.

I think then my “weak points” will grow rather quickly! Time will tell. We took a video of my shoulder workout and will try post it up soon. I am ready to Rock and Roll!!!