IFBB ‘202lb and Under’ Contest gone?

It is official. After November 5th, the 202lbs and Under Contest will be gone. Done. Caput. But, a new contest will begin, one that is 10 pounds higher for the pros.

The new division started in 2007 at the Europa Super Show in Dallas with the first contest – the 210lbs and under, designed for the smaller bodybuilder who felt he could not compete against some of the mass monsters. Silvio Samuel won this contest, with a weight of just under 210 pounds, dominating the contest, with Tricky Jackson second.

Shortly afterwards, the rules were changed. The weight changed from 210 pounds to 202 pounds, in part because they wanted the smaller bodybuilders to have a chance. And it worked… or did it?

On May 10th, the IFBB Professional League issued a new change to the 202lbs and Under Contest. Starting on November 5th, 2011 (the Sacramento Pro Contest), it will be going from 202lbs and under to 212 lbs and under.

So were the bodybuilders surprised? Some where, especially the smaller bodybuilders who are now concerned they are going to compete against some of the more heavier pros who want to be freakier but not lose those last few pounds. We will definately hear more about this new rule in the coming weeks.