2011 Muscle Beach Toy Drive with Santa Claus

During the holiday season, there are lots of children who wait and see what kind of present they will get from their family. But alas, as we know during these hard times, there are quite a few kids that will not get any toys at all, let alone enough to eat. That is why it is so nice to see people and organizations gather together to bring toys and donations so that at least during the holiday season, every kid will get a toy. Here are a few pics from the Muscle Beach Toy Drive.

“Santa Claus is coming on his sleigh”, a few children yell as on the Venice Boardwalk, in the heart of Muscle Beach Venice, Santa Claus’ sleigh is coming to town with a police escort.

Say, look at the elves that are riding with Santa. Nice, especially on a wintery day like this here in Southern California (the temperature was in the 50’s).

Besides a lot of toys, Bodybuilding.com donated a nice sum of money to make sure other special needs would be met on his holiday season, giving some more kids more toys.

The Bodybuilding.com crew posing in front on all of the toys that have been collected in the last two days. Very nice of everyone to come out and support the event.

See the complete set of pictures on Bodybuilding.com at this link below

Muscle Beach Toy Drive and Santa Claus Pics