2012 IFBB St. Louis Fitness, Bikini and Womens Physique Results

Congratulations to Sara Hurrle, Oksana Grishina and Jennifer Andrews for their respective wins at the 2012 IFBB St. Louis Pro contests. In a surprise move, Sara switched from Figure to Womens Physique at the beginning of the week, and amazed the judges, as the Womens Physique division is defined more and more as to what the judges are looking for. Here are the results.

IFBB St. Louis Pro Womens Physique Results

1. Sara Hurrle
2. Michelle Blank
3. Jennifer Smythe
4. Jennifer Robinson
5. Marina Lopez
6. Mikaila Soto
7. Antoinette Thompson
8. Tracy Bodner
9. LaDrissa Bonivel

IFBB St. Louis Pro Fitness Results

1. Oksana Grishina
2. Bethany Cisternino
3. Danielle Ruban
4. Allison Ethier
5. Melissa Frederick
6. Tiffany Robinson
7. Amy Peterson
8. Kayde Puckett
9. Michelle Gales

IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini Results

1. Jennifer Andrews
2. Jennifer Chapman
3. Matheny Taylor
4. Michelle Brannan
5. Cristina Vujnich
6. Candyce Graham
7. Beth White