2012 IFBB St. Louis Bikini Results – Sep 15th

Congratulations to Justine Munro for winning the 2012 IFBB St. Louis Bikini Pro contest on September 15th. All the top five that competed at this contest are now qualified for the 2012 Bikini Olympia. Here are the complete results.

Coming into this contest, the final IFBB Pro Bikini contest before the 2012 Bikini Olympia, Jennifer Andrews was already qualified for the Olympia. Ruthie Harrison needed either second place or to win to qualify for the Olympia, because Lacey DeLuca opted not to compete in this contest (she had 4 points coming into the contest and was good enough for 5th place) With Ruthie taking second, she tied Lacey and both are qualified for the Olympia. Dayna Maleton was pretty much qualified, and ensured it with her 3rd place placing here, as well as Marcela Tribin with her 5th place placing.

Here are the complete results

1. Justine Munro
2. Ruthie Harrison
3. Dayna Maleton
4. Jennifer Andrews
5. Marcela Tribin
6. Gemmalyn Crosby
7. Deborah Lee
8. Christy Cook
9. Nicole Moneer
10. Michon Liddy
11. Michelle Trasey