2013 NPC Ironman Naturally Pictures

The first NPC contest of the season was held at the Los Angeles Fit Expo on January 19th. Here are the pics from the contest, set at the Los Angeles Convention Center, promoted and emceed by Lonnie Teper.


In NPC Bikini, congratulations to Michelle Messina, who won the overall against Bam Bridges (Class A Winner) and Loni Christine Willison (Class C Winner). In NPC Figure, congratulation to Holly Semanoff, who won the overall against Tiffany Heugly.

In NPC Mens Physique, congratulations to Julian Grubbs, who won the overall against Tai Tran (Class A Winner) and Stephan Guidry (Class C Winner). In Mens Bodybuilding, congratulations to Lamir McQueen, who won the overall against Ruben Cervantes (Lightweight Winner), Maxx Hutson (Middleweight winner) and Greg Grant (Heavyweight winner).

Here is the link to all of the pics from the contest.

2013 NPC Ironman Mens Bodybuilding Pics

2013 NPC Ironman Bikini Pics

2013 NPC Ironman Figure Pics

2013 NPC Ironman Mens Physique Pics

2013 NPC Ironman Womens Physique Pics