King Kamili – a return to the stage?

Whenever King Kamali was getting ready to compete on the IFBB stage, fans either loved him or hated him. One of the more colorful competitors, will King Kamali come back to compete on the stage a few more times?


King Kamali has not been on the contest stage in a number of years, but you can never say never. Will King come back to compete again? He is certainly looking big and muscular these days. Here is a pic. What do you think?


In King Kamali’s own words…. “Getting bigger and bigger.. My head is getting back to normal and less stress means more mass. I will make a big announcement in a few weeks and it’s something that benefit everyone. Believe me when I say the best is yet to come. All my clients started their contest prep. for the spring and summer shows. I’m going for 6 overall wins in 2013 for the King’s Army.”