2013 IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini Results

Congratulations to Stacey Alexander, who won the 2013 IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini event in Culver City, California. Second place went to Tiffany Boydston, while Crystal Matthews took third. Here are the complete results.


Stacey Alexander, in probably the best shape since we have seen her on stage, dominated the stage here in Culver City, and for her hard work, see took the coveted first place and an invite to the 2013 Olympia. Here are the complete results.

1. Stacey Alexander
2. Tiffany Marie Boydston
3. Crystal Rose Matthews
4. Brittany Tacy
5. Taylor Matheny
6. Talia Terese
7. Jessica Arevalo
8. Narmin Assria
9. Leigh Brandt
10. Joy Grajo
11. Nikola Weiterova
12. Kelsie Burgin
13. Christie Marquez
14. Francesca Yumul
15. Nicole Witbeck
16. Noy Alexander
16. Amy Allen
16. Theresa Byrne
16. Iveth Carreon
16. Jennifer Dietrick
16. Rachelle Dejean
16. Marisol Lara
16. Angela Skeels
16. Anna-Lee Van Hatten