2014 IFBB Bodypower England Results


Congraulations to Sami Al-Haddad, Harold Kelley and Zsazsanna Toldi for winning their divisions at the 2014 IFBB Bodypowder contest in England. Here are the complete results.

2014 IFBB Bodypower Men’s 2012lb and Under Results

1. Sami Al-Haddad
2. Shaun Joseph Tavernier
3. Mark Dugdale
4. Khalid Almohsinawi
5. Marian Cambal
6. Dobromir Delev
7. Raul Carrasco Jimenez
8. Anthony Bailes
9. James Llewelin
10. Jerry Ossi
11. Oliver Adzievski
12. Vicente Santamaria Martinez
13. James Kubik
14. Petr Vanias

2014 IFBB Bodypower Wheelchair Results

1. Harold Kelley
2. Nick Scott
3. Dan Smith

2014 IFBB Bodypower Figure Results

1. Zsazsanna Toldi
2. Amanda Doherty
3. Louise Rogers
4. Ann Pratt
5. Lynsey Beattie
6. Kati Alnder
7. Maria Jose Garcia Sanchez
8. Giada Simari
9. Ninamarie Richter
10. Anniken Froyslie
11. Mette Ulseth
12. Pia Marlen Johnsen
13. Kizzy Vaines

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