2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Results

Congratulations to Camala Rodriguez and Tamara Sedlack for winning the IFBB California Pro Figure (Open and Masters respectively) in Culver City, California on May 24th. Here are the complete results.


Camala made history here in California by becoming the first IFBB Pro Figure competitor to win three contests in the same month, including the Pittsburgh Pro, New York Pro. Congratulations! No question that Camala, at the 2014 Figure Olympia, will now be a front runner for the top spots.

Here are the results from both contests.

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Open Results

    1. Camala Rodriguez
    2. Sasha Brown
    3. Latorya Watts
    4. Shalako Bradberry
    5. Julie Mayer
    6. Zsuzsanna Toldi
    7. Tamara Sedlack
    8. Karen Noorlun
    9. Monica Labriola
    10. Dawn Fernandez
    11. Erin Harding
    12. Kimberly Dickson
    13. Alessandra Pinheiro
    14. Bojana Vasiljevic
    15. Jill St.Laurent
    15. Victoria Adelus
    16. Angela Coleman
    16. Jessica Curry
    16. Jennifer Iritano
    16. Gretchen Lichtenstein
    16. Christina Mehling
    16. Lisandra McGrath
    16. Alissa Parker
    16. Nicole Kupser
    16. Sandie Kight
    16. Meg Kruse
    16. Melissa Smith
    16. Betty Vasquez

2014 IFBB California Pro Figure Masters Results

    1. Tamara Sedlack
    2. Karen Noorlun
    3. Monica Labriola
    4. Dawn Fernandez
    5. Kimberly Dickson
    6. Ginette Delhaes
    7. Betty Vasquez
    8. Jessica Curry
    9. Melissa Smith
    10. Sandie Kight
    11. Meg Kruse
    12. Gretchen Lichtenstein
    13. Lisandra McGrath
    14. Christina Mehling