2019 Fitness Olympia Complete Results

Congratulations to Whitney Jones, who came off a great routine, to win the 2019 Fitness Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Orleans Arena, and defend her title from 2018. Below are the complete results

The Fitness routines are incredible at this level, and the top competitors did not disappoint the audience. Between Missy, Ryall and Whitney, no one knew who would be placed on top, but Whitney did it!

Here are the complete results

1. Whitney Jones
2. Missy Truscott
3. Ryall Graber
4. Jaclyn Baker
5. Tiffany Chandler
6. Jeanine Taddeo
7. Marta Aguiar
8. Darrian Borello
9. Jennifer Worth
10. Sara Kovach
11. Tamara Vahn
12. Liudmila Somkina
13. Minna Pajulahti
DNF. Jodi Boam