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2012 IFBB Masters Olympia – $250,000 prize money in Prague Dec 7-8

Jaroslava is coming back with an event bigger event in 2012, joing forces with the IFBB Pro League and the Olympia to bring the bodybuilding world the 2012 IFBB Masters Olympia! Here is the details and more info on this event on December 7-8 in Prague, Czech.

2012 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Los Angeles – Men & Women’s Physique

The new IFBB Divisions of Men’s and Women’s Physique continue to progress, as two more contests will be held in Los Angeles (Culver City) on April 14th. The 2nd IFBB Pro Men’s Physique and the 4th IFBB Pro Women’s Physique contest are proving to be the biggest yet, with 27 competitors total so far, and probably the strongest lineups yet for these contests.

2012 IFBB/NPC California Governor’s Cup – Sacramento Competitor Lists

The IFBB is heading to Sacramento this Saturday. In a new contest called the California Governor’s Cup, three IFBB contests are going to be held, including the first IFBB Pro Men’s Physique contest, as well as a Pro Figure and Pro Women’s Physique contest. Along with a huge NPC contest, here is the info on the contest and competitor lists.

2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic in Phoenix Feb 25

With one week to go, the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic in Phoenix, featuring three IFBB contests, will be held. IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding 212 and Under, IFBB Bikini and the first ever IFBB Women’s Physique contest (a brand new division). Who will be competing? We have the competitor lists.

2012 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic – Feb 11

Many competitors and fans are heading to the Scottish Rite Auditorium this Saturday, February 11th, for the 2012 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic, featuring Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Physique competitions. This is the first year of this contest, and it is expected to be huge, a sell out. See you there.

2012 IFBB Flex Pro Bodybuilding and Fitness Contest – 2/18/12

The first IFBB pro bodybuilding contest of 2012 will be coming up son, and it will be very interesting to see which rookies, pros and comeback competitors will vie to compete. The FLEX Pro is back, and Year Two promises to be one of the highlights of the 2012 IFBB Pro League season! The FLEX Pro will kick off 2012 by showcasing the IFBB’s elite – in both bodybuilding and fitness!

2011 IFBB Pro World Masters – Predictions and Review

The 2011 IFBB Pro World Masters Champions was billed as the ‘Return of the Legends’ in which the bodybuilding community and the world would see some of the biggest names in bodybuilding return to the stage for an impressive $240,000 in prize money ($220,000 for mens bodybuilding, and $20,00 for women’s bikini).

2011 IFBB Pro World Masters Championship

Saturday, December 10th, 2011 marks the first IFBB Pro World Masters Bodybuilding contest, which will be held at the Fillmore at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. With $240,000 in prize money, we anticipated some of the biggest legends to come to the contest. Here is more information on the competitors and who will be there.

2011 NPC Nationals in Miami, Florida

The 2011 NPC Nationals is going to be a contest for the record books. With an incredible venue, to an incredible city, right in South Beach (or Miami Beach), who doesn’t want to visit this resort island a week before November. This is the last chance of the year for some of the best NPC competitors to become an IFBB Pro, and a lot of them are coming to town.

2011 IFBB/NPC Titans Grand Prix – Info

The 2011 IFBB Titans Grand Prix, which will occur on Saturday, October 22nd at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City, along with the NPC Titans Grand Prix. This is a new contest, the first one out here in California, under this title.

Current IFBB competitors slated to compete include

1. Jessica Anderson
2. Narmin Assria
3. Tiffany Marie Boydston
4. Leigh Brandt
5. Abigail Burrows
6. Nicole Coleman
7. Jennifer Dietrick
8. Abby Duncan
9. Brittany Gaylord
10. Kelly Gonzalez
11. Janet Harding
12. Mandy Henderson
13. Amanda Latona
14. Christie Marquez
15. Brittany Tacy
16. Talia Terese
17. Casey Trailer

Here is some info regarding the contest


Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, California 90230

Saturday, Oct 22nd at 11:00am
$30 open seating

Saturday, Oct 22nd at 6:30pm
$30/$40 reserved seating

Check Ins –

Friday, Oct 21st
6:30pm Figure/Bikini athlete brief followed by check-ins
at the Doubletree Hotel
(Event Hotel)

Saturday, Oct 22nd
8:00am Bodybuilders and Men’s Physique brief followed by weigh-ins/check-ins.
Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

IFBB Houston Pro Bikini/Figure Lists

The 2011 IFBB Houston Pro will be held this Saturday, October 15th, along with the NPC Texas State, in Stafford, Texas. Phil Health will be guest poser, and it is going to be a great contest, with 200+ competitors estimated for the NPC Texas State contest (amatuers). Here is the tentative competitor lists for the figure and bikini pros.

IFBB Houston Pro Figure Competitor List

1. Jelena Abbou
2. Teresa Anthony
3. Elisha Archibold
4. Melanie Burger
5. Natalie Calland
6. Krissy Chin
7. Vicki Counts
8. Jami DeBernard
9. Ginette Delhaes
10. Debbie Fowler
11. Allison Frahn
12. Soleivi Hernandez
13. Charmayne Jackson
14. Danielle Kifer
15. Cheri Lewis
16. Tracey MacDonald
17. Tamee Marie
18. Amanda Marinelli
19. Anissa Payne
20, Tiffany Procopio
21. Kristina Rojas
22. Kimberly Sheppard
23. Alea Suarez
24. Natalie Waples

IFBB Houston Pro Bikini Competitor Lists

1. Barbara Bolotte
2. Gabriela Cardosa
3. Nicole Coleman
4. Tawna Eubanks
5. Janet Harding
6. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero
7. Skye Taylor
8. Roya Tehrani
9. Christina Vargas

2011 Arnold Classic Europe Competitor Lists

The first-ever Arnold Classic Europe will be held Oct. 8-9 in Madrid, Spain and will feature IFBB Pro League men’s bodybuilding and fitness, a complete lineup of amateur bodybuilding events, several other amateur sports and a health & fitness expo.

Arnold Classic Europe Mens Bodybuilding Competitors

1. Carlos Asensio
2. Alfonso Del Rio
3. Clarence De Vis
4. Toney Freeman
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Michael Kefalianos
7. Martin Kjellstrom
8. Flex Lewis
9. Victor Martinez
10. Antonio Morales
11. Zaher Moukahal
12. Edward Nunn
13. Gian Enrico Pica
14. Robert Piotrkowicz
15. Ronny Rockel
16. Sergey Shelestov
17. Alvin Small
18. Hidetada Yamagishi

Arnold Fitness Europe Pro Fitness Competitors

1. Myriam Capes
2. Bethany (Wagner) Cisternino
3. Regiane DaSilva
4. Tina Durkin
5. Tanji Johnson
6. Diana Monteiro
7. Mindi O’Brien
8. Kayde Puckett

2011 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Pro Info

The 2011 IFBB and NPC Fort Lauderdale contest rolls into town in Florida, and one of the few, if only competitions where only the girls are competing on the stage. The Fit Girls Productions Team of IFBB Pro Shannon Dey and IFBB Pro Kristen Nagrani are bringing an all-female IFBB/NPC event to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the third consecutive year!

The 3rd Annual IFBB/NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup will be held on October 8, 2011 in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This event “for the Girls, By the Girls” brings Hollywood glamour to the competition world!

Here is the IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Figure, Fitness and Bikini Pro Competitor List

Pro Fitness Competitors

1. Jodi Boam
2. Sonja Bruce
3. Nicole Duncan
4. Debbie Fowler
5. Michelle Gales
6. Ryall Graber-Vasani
7. Donna Jones
8. Lisbeth Marquez
9. Deana Martinez-Lee
10. Amy Peterson
11. Tiffany Robinson
12. Camala Rodriguez
13. Ludmilia Somkina
14. Hollie Stewart
15. Nichole Venzara

Pro Figure Competitors

1. Holly Beck
2. Aymara Bernardo
3. Stephanie Billings
4. Denise Duvall
5. Rose-Anne Duvigneaud
6. Alicia Harris
7. Catherine Holland
8. Candice John
9. Erin Lawson
10. Candice Lewis
11. Amanda Marinelli
12. Petra Mertl
13. Chikondi Mseka
14. Sara Picken-Brown
15. Elvimar Sanchez
16. Monica Specking
17. Gennifer Strobo
18. Ann Titone

Pro Bikini Competitors

1. Vanessa Campbell
2. Trina Goosby
3. Diana Graham
4. Bernadett Matassa
5. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero
6. Lindsey Morrison
7. Heather Nappi
8. Khanh Nguyen
9. India Paulino
10. Brittany Tacy
11. Skye Taylor
12. Michelle Trasey-Hutton
13. Kristie Trasey-Winter

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro – Tweets

Up to date tweets from the IFBB Phoenix Pro contest are in Mesa, Arizona

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Info & Competitor List

On August 27, 2011, the 2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro contests will be held at the Mesa Arts Center, in Mesa, Arizona. Three IFBB pro contests will be held. Here is the info, and the current competitor lists (which are updated as of August 23).

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Competitor List
(as of August 23)

1. Troy Alves (USA)
2. Mark Alvisi (USA)
3. Moe Bannout (Lebanon)
4. Omar Deckard (USA)
5. Alfonso Del Rio (Spain)
6. Oscar Dexter (Tahiti)
7. Moe Elmoussawi (New Zealand) – pulled out due to extreme sickness
8. Marcus Haley (USA)
9. Rod Ketchens (USA)
10. Abbas Khatami (USA)
11. Michael Liberatore (USA)
12 Manuel Lomeli (Mexico)
13. Jeff Long (USA)
14. Erwin Marquez (Venezuela)
15. Ed Nunn (USA)
16. Bola Ojex (Nigeria)
17. Benjamin Parra (Mexico)
18. Gian Enrico Pica (Italy)
19. Grant Pieterse (New Zealand)
20. Robert Piotrkowicz (Poland)
21. Fred Smalls (USA)
22. Phil Van Kaenel (Switzerland)
23. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Bikini Competitor List
(as of August 23)

1. Tiffany Marie Boydston (USA)
2. Laura Calderon (USA)
3. Jessica Clay (USA)
4. Nicole Coleman (USA)
5. Dianna Dahlgren (USA)
6. Michele D’Angona (USA)
7. Juliana Danieli (USA)
8. Jennifer Dietrick (USA)
9. Kelly Gonzalez (USA)
10. Diana Graham (USA)
11. Safiya Johnson (USA)
12. Rachel Labender (USA)
13. Christie Marquez (USA)
14. Bernadett Matassa (Hungary)
15. Khanh Nguyen (USA)
16. Roya Tehrani (USA)
17. Christina Vargas (USA)
18. Christina Vujnich (USA)

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Figure Competitor List
(as of August 23)

1. Elisha Archibold (USA)
2. Stephanie Bambrough (USA)
3. Natalie Calland (USA)
4. Raechelle Chase (New Zealand)
5. Crystal Chiles (USA)
6. Heather Dees (USA)
7. Jennifer DeJoya (USA)
8. Deborah Denio (USA)
9. Jami DeBernard (USA)
10. Sarah Dominguez (USA)
11. Heather Grace (USA)
12. Alicia Harris (USA)
13. Candice Keene (USA)
14. Lisa Maloy (USA)
15. Tamee Marie (USA)
16. Kaylen McKenzie Marnier (USA)
17. Michele Mayberry (USA)
18. Natalia Mikhaylova (Russia)
19. Teresita Morales (USA)
20. Chelsey Morganstern (USA)
21. Emily Nicholson (USA)
22. Kiana Phi (USA)
23. Eleni Plakitsi (USA)
24. Ann Pratt (USA)
25. Felicia Romero (USA)
26. Kimberly Sheppard (USA)
27. Mikaila Soto (USA)
28. Alea Suarez (USA)
29. Karly Woodle (USA)

2011 IFBB Europa Dallas Competitor Lists

No less than 74 IFBB competitors are going to take the stage on Friday, August 12th (for prejudging) and Saturday, August 13th (for Finals) this weekend in Dallas at the Europa Super Show. Here is the IFBB competitor lists for the contests. They include:

IFBB Europa Dallas Men’s Open Bodybuilding

1. Mark Alvisi (USA)
2. Grigori Atoyan (USA)
3. Moe Bannout (Lebanon)
4. Constantinos Demetriou (Australia)
5. Clarence DeVis (Belguim)
6. Oscar Dexter (Tahiti)
7. Toney Freeman (USA)
8. Martin Kjellstrom (Sweden)
9. Michael Liberatore (USA)
10. Manuel Lomeli (Mexico)
11. Juan Marquez (USA)
12. Antonio Jose Morales Vidal (Spain)
13. Zaher Moukahal (UAE)
14. Jerry Nicholls (Barbados)
15. Ed Nunn (USA)
16. Shawn Rhoden (USA)
17. Heinz Senior (USA)
18. Phil Von Kaenel (Switzerland)

IFBB Europa Dallas Men’s 202lb Bodybuilding Competitor List

1. Ahmad Ahmad (Sweden)
2. John Arendsz (Aruba)
3. Omar Borelli (Argentina)
4. Gerardo Cabrera (Mexico)
5. Gaetano Cisterino (USA)
6. PD Devers (USA)
7. Derik Farnsworth (USA)
8. Dave Goodin (USA)
9. Randy Jackson Sr. (USA)
10. Tricky Jackson (USA)
11. Lance Johnson (USA)
12. Fernando Noronha (Brazil)
13. Leonardo Pacheco (USA)
14. Benjamin Parra (Mexico)
15. Angel Rangel Vargas (Mexico)
16. Marvin Ward (USA)

IFBB Europa Dallas Bikini Pro Competitor List

1. Jessica Anderson (USA)
2. Jennifer Andrews (USA)
3. Nicole Coleman (USA)
4. Dianna Dahlgren (USA)
5. Amanda Duncan (USA)
6. Sonia Gonzales (USA)
7. Janet Harding (USA)
8. Jessica Jessie (USA)
9. Dayna Maleton (USA)
10. Christie Marquez (USA)
11. Taylor Matheny (USA)
12. Brook Mora (USA)
13. Natalie Pennington (USA)
14. Talia Terese Crowell (USA)
15. Cristina Vujnich (USA)

IFBB Europa Dallas Figure Pro Competitor List

1. Michelle Bates (USA)
2. Rebecca Bowers (USA)
3. Tivisay Briceno (USA)
4. Clarissa Castaneda (El Salvador)
5. Ava Cowan (USA)
6. Jami DeBernard (USA)
7. Heather Dees (USA)
8. Soleivi Hernandez (USA)
9. Catherine Holland (USA)
10. Ella Horton (USA)
11. Candice Houston (USA)
12. Charmayne Jackson (USA)
13. Danielle Kifer (USA)
14. Julie Ann Kulla (USA)
15. Georgina Lona (Mexico)
16. Benincia Lopez (USA)
17. Tamee Marie (USA)
18. Vicki Nixon (USA)
19. Marie Pierre Ripert (France)
20. Elvimar Sanchez (Venezuela)
21. Kimberly Sheppard (USA)
22. Kavvy Sonhos (USA)
23. Alea Suarez (USA)
24. Deena Walsh (USA)
25. Josie Zamora (USA)

2011 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions Competitor List

The 2011 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions in Hartford, Connecticut will be on July 30th. Here is the current competitor list of this contest, and for some of these competitors, a great way to get into the Olympia.

For the IFBB Men’s Open class,

Will Harris (USA)
Mohammad Bannout (Lebanon)
Johnnie Jackson (USA)
Grigori Atoyan (USA)
AD Cherry (USA)
Tricky Jackson (USA)
Heinz Senior (USA)
Fred Smalls II (USA)
Phil Von Kaenel (Switzerland)

Pro Figure

Jelena Abbou
Tiffany Archer
Holly Beck
Melanie DePalma
Teresita Morales
Chikondi Mseka
Angelica Nebbia
Hazal Nelson
Marcy Porter
Tiffany Procopio
Jennifer Strobo
Gina Trochiano

Women’s Pro Bodybuilding

Debbie Bramwell
Candice Carr-Archer
Tazzie Colomb
Pamela Franklin
Maria Gomez-Segura
Sarah Hayes
Mary Ellen Jerumbo
Monique Jones
Drorit Kernes-Silverman
Julia Korfhage
Claire O’Connell
Lora Ottenad
Tammy Patnode
Kim Perez
Stacey Pillari
Gina Quinn
Angela Salvagna
Jennifer Sedia
Lori Steele

2011 NPC USA – Over 680 competitors

It what is going to be the largest NPC contest ever, 680+ competitors are coming to Las Vegas for the NPC USA’s. We will see you there.


Artemus W. Concert Hall on the Campus of UNLV
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada

Event Schedule:

Friday, July 29th at 4:30pm – Men’s Bodybuilding and Bikini Prejudging
Saturday, July 30th at 9:00am – Figure, Men/Women’s Physique & Women’s Bodybuilding Prejudging
Saturday, July 30th at 6:00pm – Finals

Pro cards handed out:

– Men: (7 wt groups) 4 men will turn professional.
– Men’s Physique: (3 height groups) – Class winners turn pro.
– Women’s Physique (3 height class) – Class winners turn pro.
– Women’s Bodybuilding: 2 women will turn professional.
– Figure (6 height groups): Class winners turn pro.
– Bikini (6 height groups): Class winners turn pro.

2011 NPC Colorado State – July 16

The 2011 NPC Colorado State Championships is coming up this weekend, and we will be there, covering the action on Saturday, July 16th, in downtown Denver. With Amanda Latona as co-emcee, and featuring Brian Yersky as the guest poser, with Sara Hurrle and Abbie Burrows checking out the action, the Colorado State promises to be a most excellent contest.

Promoter Jeff Taylor always does a great job of taking care of the athletes.

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro – 06-18-11

The IFBB Toronto Pro is coming up, with an incredible 7 different IFBB contests to be held on Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th. Here is the information and the lineup’s on the various contests.

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Men’s Open Competitor List

Khalid Almohsinawi (Netherlands)
Santana Anderson (Canada)
Lionel Beyeke (France)
Fedel Clarke (Canada)
Brandon Curry (USA)
Oscar Dexter (Tahiti)
Lou Joseph (Canada)
Marc Lavoie (Canada)
Jason Marcovici (Canada)
Jari Mentula (Finland)
Alexandre Nataf (France)
Robert Piotrkowicz (Poland)
Craig Richardson (USA)
Jonathan Rowe (USA)
Varinder Singh (India)
Gregory Ulysse (Canada)
Mike Van Wyck (Canada)
Ben White (USA)
Christopher White (Canada)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Men’s 202lb and Under Competitor List

John Arendsz (Aruba)
Robert Belisle (Canada)
Gianluca Catapano (Italy)
Myoba Edwards (Canada)
Vincent Galanti (USA)
Jason Joseph (USA)
Luc Molines (France)
Amit Sapir (Israel)
Cvetko Stojmenovski (Germany)
Shaun Joseph Tavernier (United Kingdom)
Vince Wawryk (Canada)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Competitor List

Nicole Ball (Canada)
Brigita Brezovac (Slovenia)
Sarah Bridges (United Kingdom)
Lyris Cappelle (Canada)
Aurelia Grozajova (Slovakia)
Cathy LeFrancois (Canada)
Mah Ann Mendoza (USA)
Elizabeth Meza (Mexico)
Tammy Patnode (USA)
Melody Spetko (Canada)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Bikini Competitor List

Leigh Brandt (Canada)
Michelle Lamb (USA)
Brandy Leaver (USA)
Angela Leong (USA)
Nina Luchka (Canada)
Dayna Maleton (USA)
Shelsea Montes (USA)
Samantha Morris (USA)
Justine Munro (Canada)
Nathalie Mur (France)
Janet Harding (Canada)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Fitness Competitor List

Michelle Blank (USA)
Jodi Boam (Canada)
Sherry Boudreau (Canada)
Myriam Capes (Canada)
Allison Either (Canada)
Ryall Graber-Vasani (Canada)
Crystal Heck (Canada)
Laticia Jackson (USA)
Mindi O’Brien (Canada)
Minna Pajulahh (Finland)
Kristina Rojas (USA)
Carrie Ann Simmons (USA)
Sylvia Tremblay (Canada)
Stacy Wright (USA)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Figure Competitor List

Michelle Battista-McDonald (USA)
Lynsey Beattie (United Kingdom)
Merideth Berthleson (USA)
Lea Berti (Canada)
Serena Cooper (Canada)
Ginette Delhas (Canada)
Sarah Domiguez (USA)
Aleisha Hart (Canada)
Candice John (Trinidad)
CeaAnna Kerr (Canada)
Julia Ann Kulla (USA)
Rachel LeBlanc (Canada)
Christina Mehling (Canada)
Emily Nicholson (USA)
Ann Pratt (USA)
Jill St. Laurent (Canada)
Gennifer Strobo (USA)
Ann Titone (USA)
Natalie Waples (Canada)
Magdalena Wilk (Canada)

2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Masters Figure Competitor List

Susanne Bock (Germany)
Tivisay Briceno (USA)
Michelle Mayberry (USA)
Kim Seeley (USA)