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2012 IFBB New York Pro Pictures

Over 2,000 pictures from the 2012 IFBB New York Pro, taken by Ron Avidan, including competitor meetings, misc pics, prejudging and finals. Check out six of the toughest IFBB contests of the year.

Robbie Durand Named Editor-in-Chief Of FLEX Magazine

David J. Pecker, Chairman, President and CEO of American Media, Inc. (AMI), today announced the appointment of Robbie Durand as Editor-in-Chief of FLEX magazine, AMI’s monthly magazine that is the No. 1 information source for serious bodybuilders and undisputed leader in delivering hard-core bodybuilding service and entertainment.

NPC Athletes of the Month for March 2012

The first-ever NPC Athletes of The Month have been selected! Congratulations to George Peterson, Sheena Ohlig, Glenese Markes, Amber Masino, Kelsie Bergin, Michael Anderson and Amber Leon, who have been selected as the March NPC Athlete of The Month in their respective divisions.

Robert Kennedy – Bodybuilding Industry Icon passes away

Robert Kennedy, one of the icons of the bodybuilding industry, passed away on Friday, April 13th, at the age of 73. Bob, publisher of many bodybuilding magazines, books and all around incredible person, lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed by his family, friends and fans.

Olympia Qualification Series Announced by the IFBB Pro League

Something had to happen. Last year, during and before the Olympia, it was realized that way too many competitors were being qualified to the best and most elite contest of the year, resulting in 28 competitors just in bikini alone on stage. And crowding what should have been just the top 15-18 competitors only.

IFBB appoints Dan Solomon to the IFBB Press Commision

Dan Solomon, creator of the popular radio internet show, Pro Bodybuilding Radio, has been appointed to the IFBB Press Commission. Congratulations Dan! Dan’s role will be to help bring out information and news to help out Dr. Rafael Santonja worldwide bodybuilding initiatives.

NPC News Online has a new revamped website. Check it out.

NPC News Online has revamped the official website, and it looks great. Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the NPC, and the 25th anniversary of the NPC News Magazine. Here is more info on the new site, with a press release.

2012 Arnold Classic: Free Live Webcast for all who won’t be there

When the curtains rise at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, will once again be on hand to bring you the exclusive live coverage of all the action as Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Columbus for the 24th installment of the Arnold Sports Festival.

2012 Arnold Classic: Official Party with the Pros Saturday night

The 2012 Arnold Party WIth The Pros Will once again be the place to be as the world’s top professionals in bodybuidling, fitness, figure, bikini, strongman and other sports celebrate deep into the night at the Official After-Party For The Arnold Classic. The can’t-miss event includes a night of fun, drinks, dancing, music, star-gazing and world-class entertainment.

Jay Cutler has bicep surgery – will be back for the 2012 Olympia

We all knew that there was an issue with Jay Cutler’s bicep from the 2011 Olympia on stage, and perhaps, that issue a few weeks before the contest caused him to not fully train correct, especially in the crucial last two weeks. This week, Jay Cutler had bicep surgery, and his recovering quite nicely. We all wish you the very best Jay!

2012 Flex Pro – Live via Twitter

Live from the Flex Pro – various tweets as the show unfolds… since we are actually at the contest working hard, taking pics and getting stories, here is our live tweets from the press pit.

Lionel Brown – One week out from the Flex Pro

At the 2012 NPC Gold Contest contest in San Diego, Lionel Brown guest posed, one week out from the Flex Pro Bodybuilding Contest (which is next Saturday). Here are some pics of Lionel on stage, much heavier and more muscular than he has been.

Champion Nutrition’s Spokesperson Contest down to the ‘Final Six’

Champion Nutrition was looking for a spokesperson for their company, a person that will be contracted with them, head to the Arnold Classic, Olympia and a few other events, and perhaps be in some ads and more. So instead of just looking quietly, they asked people if they were interested by placing their picture and small profile on their Facebook page. With the help of, and other social and industry web sites, Champion received over 300 people looking to win. Here are the top six.

Evolution of Bodybuilding – the VIP Movie Premiere in Los Angeles

The Evolution of Bodybuilding, a movie that Shawn Ray has been working on, going around the world, getting interviews and more info of some of the most famous bodybuilders, will have its World VIP Los Angeles Premiere on Sunday, Jan 29th at 4pm at the Regal Cinema in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

RYU Signs 2011 Mr. Olympia Phil Heath as Official Athlete

Respect Your Universe, Inc. announced signing 2011 Mr. Olympia Phil “The Gift” Heath as an official RYU athlete. Gracing the covers of five national publications in 2011 (Flex, Muscular Development, Ironman, MuscleMag, and Planet Muscle around the world), Heath was selected by RYU for encompassing a hard work ethic, discipline, respect and humility that correlate closely to the core values respect, strength, honor and sustainability of RYU.

2012 Arnold Classic Weekend Competitor Lists

Here we go, the 2012 Arnold Classic competitors lists of all five contests are announced. Who was invited and who was not? Here are the official invite lists…. and bringing them out quickly for all of you to check out and analyze.

2012 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the Top 5 Finalists (both male and female) in the’s Annual Spokesmodel Contest. Hundreds of people applied to be the next Bodyspace Finalist, and the final list is in. The competitors will be flown to Los Angeles, and the winners will be announced on stage at the 2012 Fit Expo at the L.A. Convention Center on January 29th. We will be there covering the event. The finalists are…

PBW’s 2011 “Achievement in Bodybuilding Media” Award goes to Ron Avidan

On December 12th, 2011, on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Radio, Dan Solomon, along with Lee Thompson and Chad Nicholls announced a new award to be given out to special individuals. Called the ‘Achievement in Bodybuilding Media’, this award was given to someone who helped change the sport via the new media, aka the internet.

2011 Muscle Beach Toy Drive with Santa Claus

During the holiday season, there are lots of children who wait and see what kind of present they will get from their family. But alas, as we know during these hard times, there are quite a few kids that will not get any toys at all, let alone enough to eat. That is why it is so nice to see people and organizations gather together to bring toys and donations so that at least during the holiday season, every kid will get a toy. Here are a few pics from the Muscle Beach Toy Drive.

Steve Kuclo guest posing at Metroflex Gym Long Beach

Saturday, December 10th – IFBB Pro Steve Kuclo flew out from Texas to come and support Metroflex Gym in their first annual Holiday Bash, with donations and toys going to the Marine Corps of Kids and the Family Crisis Center. Since turning pro at the 2011 NPC USAs, Steve has had a whirlwind year. Here is is, at 290 pounds offseason, guest posing.