2017 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Results

Results from the 2017 IFBB Pro League Kentucky Muscle Pro – Men’s Physique and Figure contests. Congratulations to Matt Mugford and Brittany Campbell on their wins. Complete results below.

2017 IFBB Titans Grand Prix Pro Men’s Physique Results

Results for the 2017 IFBB Titans Grand Prox Pro Men’s Physique, held in Culver City, California on October 21. Congratulatiosn to Godfrey Sironda on the win.

2017 IFBB South Carolina Grand Prix Pro Bikini Results

Results from the 2017 IFBB South Carolina Grand Prix Pro Bikini contest, held on October 21, in Charleston, South Carolina. Congratuations to Tawna Eubanks on her win!

2017 IFBB Europa Phoenix Results – Bodybuilding and Fitness

Results for the 2017 IFBB Phoenix Pro Men’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Fitness contests. Congratulations to Dwayne Quamina and Ariel Khadr on winning, and qualifying for the 2018 Olympia. Complete results below.

2017 IFBB Central USA  Pro Bikini Results

Results from the 2017 IFBB Central USA Pro Bikini competition, held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on October 14th, 2017. Congratulations to Elizabeth Yisrael on her win.

2017 IFBB Border States Pro Figure Results

Congratulations to Karina Grua, who won the IFBB Border States Pro, in what has become her signature pro contest. Here is the complete results from San Diego

2017 IFBB San Antonio Classic Pro Bikini Results

Congratulations to Monica Ellis and Geri Berger for winning their divisions (Monica in Open Bikini and Geri in Masters Bikini). Here are the results for the IFBB San Antonio Classic Bikini contest

2017 IFBB Kuwait Bodybuilding Pro Contest Results

Results of the 2017 IFBB Kuwait Pro Men’s Bodybuilding 212lb and also the Men’s Physique Pro competition.

2017 IFBB EVLs Prague Pro – Complete Results

Complete Results from the 2017 IFBB Prague Pro contest. Congratulations to Roelly Winklaar, Ricardo Correia and Margret Gnarr on their respective wins.

2017 IFBB EVLs Prague Pro – Competitor Lists

These competitors are slated to compete on September 30th, in Prague, Czech Republic. There will be three IFBB Pro contests – Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s 212lb and Under Bodybuilding and Pro Bikini. Here are the competitor lists of who is slated to compete.

2017 Arnold Classic Spain – Contest Results

Big Ramy battled William Bonac for the win at the 2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Spain competition, while Ondrej Kmostak won the Pro Men’s Physique competition. Clock below to see more.

2017 IFBB Arkansas Pro Bikini Contest Results

The 2017 IFBB Arkansas Pro Bikini Contest in Little Rock ended with Jennifer Caban winning the event, and earning her entry into the 2018 Olympia Bikini contest! Congratulations! Click for complete results

2017 IFBB Asian Grand Prix Korea Results

Complete Results from the 2017 IFBB Asian Grand Prix. Congratulation to all that made it to Korea.

2017 Arnold Classic Europe Competitor Lists

Tentative competitor list for the Arnold Classic Europe (Spain) contests on Sep 23-34th in Barcelona…

IFBB Professional League – Robin Changs Opinion

Robin Chang, Director of the Olympia, has his own opinions regarding the IFBB Professional League. Here are his thoughts, which many agree with.

NPC is officially unaffiliated with the IFBB

The NPC (National Physique Committee of the USA) is officially unaffiliated with the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). That is not the same as the IFBB Pro League though. More info below…

2017 Mr. Olympia Men’s Bodybuilding Results

From the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Phil Heath won the 2017 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding contest. In the 212lb and under bodybuing contest, Flex Lewis won. Complete results….

2017 Mr. Olympia Classic and Men’s Physique Results

Breon Ansley, who trains at Gold’s Gym North Hollywood, took the overall title in Classic Physique at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 2017 Mr. Olympia contest. In the 2017 Men’s Physique contest, Jeremy Buendia continued his winning streak. Complete results…

2017 Olympia Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Women’s Physique Results

Congratulations to Angelica Teixeira, Cydney Gillon, Oksana Grishina and Juliana Malacarne on winning their respective titles at the 2017 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas. Complete results below…

2017 IFBB Arizona Pro contest results

Results from the 2017 IFBB Arizona Pro, in Pro Bikini, Fitness, Figure and Womens Physique, held on September 9th, in Phoenix, Arizona.