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Fitness/Figure finds...
« on: January 08, 2006, 08:29:20 AM »
I wanted to share a list of items I've found over the last few years that someone might find helpful,and if you have any to add please share....   Mike Davies has 3 great cd-roms that share great plyo workouts and lil' tips to change your workout.....Also Jenny Lynn has a nice lil' manuel that shares her tips for posing and a great check list for contests....Tanji Johnson has a GREAT dvd on tips and pointers for stage presence and modifications for body types....Jen Hendershott has one great cookbook,can't say enough about this one.....Jen Cook has a simple dvd with her tips and shots of her workouts... Monica Brant-Peckham has her book which is nice if you need a reminder on some of the basics....All the items were ordered from the mentioned peoples sites...hope this can help...if anyone has any to add,can't have enough toys! Jas