UFC Fighter Thiago Silva Signs on with Team Ultimate Nutrition Full Combat

Farmington, CT  August 31st, 2009 — To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Ultimate Nutrition announced today the signing of UFC Superstar, Thiago Silva to Team Ultimate Nutrition Full Combat.

Silva, who is held as a top 10 lightweight, knocked out Keith Jardine in 95 seconds on Saturday night during UFC Fight 102. “Thiago is an incredible athlete. He is at the top of his game and is a perfect match for Ultimate Nutrition‘s Full Combat product line,” said Brian Rubino, Vice President, Ultimate Nutrition. “Ultimate Nutrition has stood for quality and innovation for 30 years and Thiago will help solidify our position. The signing of Thiago is another great event of our 30th anniversary celebration.”

“I am an avid user of their products and I am excited to be a part of Team Ultimate Nutrition Full Combat,” said Silva “Their new MMA line is in a class of its own within the industry and I love taking the Pre Combat, Post Combat and Protein Combat Powders.”

About Ultimate Nutrition.
Since 1979, Ultimate Nutrition has been fueling bodies with the best nutritional supplements to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. With Ultimate Nutrition being one of the most tenured companies in the industry, we were among the first to have amino acid tablets, carbohydrate powders, fat burners, and whey protein powder. Today, Ultimate Nutrition is among the leading innovators in the supplement industry, with products that can enhance your life no matter what your goals are.

Ultimate Nutrition uses only the purest ingredients to produce nutritional supplements, with quality that never wavers. No matter what the product may be, Ultimate Nutrition promises a consistency other companies can only dream about. You can be sure that what you see on the label is what is in the bottle. That was Ultimate Nutrition‘s promise and commitment over 30 years ago, and still remains our promise and commitment to this very day.