Chanel Jansen – Rich Piana’s girl explains what happened

Chanel Jansen, Rich Piana’s girlfriend, tells us what happened the morning when Rich stopped breathing, and was rushed to the hospital, where he was put into a coma, in her own words.

Rich Piana was a bodybuilders that lives a controversial lifestyle, but lived in the way he wanted to. Like it or not, Rich amassed one million Instagram followers, was the spokesman if his own brand, 5% Nutrition, and built up an empire.  On August 8th, Rich passed out, stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital, where he went into a coma, and never got out of it.  On August 25th, Rich passed away.’s Gossip and Opinion Forum has a huge thread, both good, tributes and opinionated posts regarding this event.  The link is below:


On August 30th, Chanel Jansen put out a video explaining what happened to Rich when she was cutting his hair, when the paramedics came, how he hit his head, and the events afterwards.  RIP Rich Piana.