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Re: did you know?
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The greatest father/son baseball duo?
Over 200 big league players have sons who also played the game at the highest level. Bobby and Barry Bonds stand together as perhaps the greatest father/son duo the game has ever known.
They combined to his 1,094 homers, steal 975 bases, and score 3,485 runs, tops among father/son pairs. Bobby and Barry are the only two players in big league history to record at least 300 homers and 400 stolen bases. The record for most 30-homer/30-steal seasons is 5, done by just two players – Bobby and Barry.
They combined to make 17 All Star Games, and win 11 Gold Gloves. Neither man earned a World Series ring.
When Dusty Baker got his first managerial job in San Francisco, he hired old friend Bobby as a coach in 1993. It was also Barry’s first year with the Giants. They suited up together until 1996. Barry went on to break the single-season and career home run marks. Bobby passed away at age 57 in 2003.

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Re: did you know?
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Ken Griffey senior and junior.