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Author Topic: elbow discomfort and pinched nerve in middle upper right latissimus  (Read 1567 times)
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« on: January 07, 2007, 02:39:27 PM »

hey everyone..i have this discomfort in my elbows, its not pain or anything, but when i do relatively simple tricep pushes with my elbow, like say i do 1 pushup on the floor, i feel alot of stress on my elbow, they feel so weak that theyre about to break like twigs any second.  even though ive added about 45 lbs on my bench the last 2 months, when i do something that puts stress on the elbow, like close grip pushups or lying tricep skull crushers/extensions, or tricep v-bar pushdowns, it feels like something keeps popping in and out of the center of my elbow. its just annoying, i might have torn down my elbow joints from doing very high fast/heavy repititions with the cable pushdowns. 

i have another injury in my upper right lat. one time i did a set of heavy deadlifts, and i felt like a rip in my upper right part of my lat, felt like a shooting pain, also felt like a tearing...i dont know what it was, if it was a muscle tear or a pinched nerve. its been a year or two since that, and its never gotten better. i never took time off from it. i have some numbness in my upper right back, if i put a piece of ice on it, i cannot feel anything.  the only time i get pain is if i go really heavy on back day, like with 200 lb lat pulldowns for 10-12 reps...or if i do 4 or 5 plates on the hammer strength pulls. when im not working out, or if i take some time off, i might get some kind of electric shock feeling in the area.  sometimes i try to massage the exact point, and if i massage it while the same time moving my back, i feel the exact place it hurts and stings like a bitch.
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