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Author Topic: how common is it to see someone benching 315 with good form?  (Read 12135 times)
Getbig V
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« Reply #25 on: December 21, 2007, 03:26:18 PM »

Ive seen a hand full in my day at this one gym i used to pt at there was a former college track and field star who would do this weird exercise on flat bench that was somewhat a skull crusher when lowering and moved to his chest and extended up with 315 lol.....this dude was a hoss if i tried that the weight would be implanted in my forehead
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Getbig IV
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« Reply #26 on: December 23, 2007, 04:22:03 PM »

i don't see too many benches of 300lbs or more where i lift. the common "norm" is the classic 225 or a litle more. although, there are one or two guys i see periodically who look like they can bench 400 or more, and who look like daily juicers. but then again, what do i know?!  Grin
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Getbig IV
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« Reply #27 on: December 24, 2007, 02:05:05 AM »

you know i dont see much  heavy lifting where i am at either but there is one dude that i work out with from time to time that i have spotted for like 345 for 2 reps touch and go with good no where near that yet but I will be and my form is tight...but you know what aggreavtes the shit out of me...when you see guys get on the bench for like an hour with their buddy they talk more then they lift and fuckin after they put up 2 wheels for like 2 reps with like 2 inches of ROM inthe pressing movement they get up with their arms puffed out and shit...god i just wanna smack some of them sometimes...just wanted to get that off my chest...
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