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Author Topic: When you have kids your life is over  (Read 11424 times)
Time Out
Getbig II
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« Reply #250 on: December 01, 2009, 08:52:17 PM »

Because those familys mom and dad are those "sad" adults full of prejudice who live in the hell.
Our world is same. But, each people change into what they like.
This is a interesting story for you.

There was a guy who died in an error and he shouldnt have died. Then an admisitrator of other side say 'Hey, sorry for this, i will revive you. But before, any wish do you have?'
The guy answered 'Mmmm Yeah. Before, reviving, i want to see the heaven and the hell. Can I?'
The administrator said yes and he took this guy to the hell at first.
There, there was a table and many delicious look foods are there. Then the guy thought' Wow is it really hell?Looking good though..'.
Then those deads entered with their pale face and bad skinny look. And they sat down and picked up their own chop stick of each and tryed to eat those foods...But They couldnt eat those foods! Why? Cus their chopsticks were about 90cm and nobody of them could controled those long chopsticks to bring those foods into their own mouth.
And the time has past, nobody of them could eat any food and they must finish their dinner.....
The guy thought 'Yeah.... This is certainly hell.'

Now this time,The administrator of the other side took this guy to the heaven.
And The guy were flipped out. There were same table and same foods and same LONG CHOP STICKS!!
Then later, those deads came in. But this time, those deads have good face and looked healthy and all of them are chatting and laughing. Soon they sat and started dinner.
The guy was watching out carefuly what happened. Then Those deads used those long chop sticks and tryed to bring those foods into each others mouth! They ate a lot and shared their happiness and looked like they enjoyed their dinner a lot.

The guy realized. The difference between the hell and the heaven is in our mind and totaly we creat both of them.
Its total spiritual matter.

No, we don't. God creates everything, not we. Making yourself imbibe a false truth, as in the law of attraction, is but deceiving yourself.
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Time Out
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I support Bigbobs

« Reply #251 on: December 04, 2009, 10:26:02 PM »

Mods please move this thread.
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