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Had to take a new job this time last year. Flew all over the country from April till December of last year doing electrical work. Then got a "local" position with them till April of this year. The local position had me driving back and forth over 3 states. No time to train. Now, I got a new Job. Home every night, no over night/week long travel. Been back in the gym for about 2weeks. Weak as a kitten. My Training partner of 7years also dropped out of gym while I was gone. checked in on him after I got this new job offer 3weeks ago, so both of us are back in the gym after a year long hiatus. Below is our rebuilding plan. Can't do the dumbbell plan as written yet, but we plan to be able to some time over the coming months (up to the 70's). Been keeping everything light, just working on stamina and endurance for now. Will tweak the routine from time to time but this is the rule of thumb for now.

* signifies a superset or giant set.

A Week      MONDAY                
   Rotator Therapy/Abs                  
BENCH            Boards & Chains sets of x5            
Machine Flat Press      4x6            
3way delts                 3x10 eachway (front,side,rear)         
*Triceps Pushdowns      3x10               
*Overhead Triceps ext.   3x10
   Rotator Therapy/Abs                  
Deadlifts HEAVY                 2x3's    example: 2x3x135 2x3x225 2x3x315 2x3x405 etc...            
Partial Pulls                 3x5
Bentover Rows                 3x10
Shruggs                    3x10
Hypers                    4x10
*Leg Curl/Standing calves           4x10
*Leg Ext/Seated Calves      4x10

   Rotator Therapy/Abs
Flat Machine Press      4x6
Incline            3x10
Overhead press         5x10
3way delts                 5x10
Face pulls                 4x10
Upright rows         4x10
*Triceps Overhead ext   10x10*
*Biceps curls
*Triceps pushdowns

   Rotator Therapy/Abs
SQUATS            2x5's
HACK SQUAT                     4x10
Hypers            4x10
*Leg curl/standing calves   4x10
*Leg Ext/seated calves   4x10

Week B       MONDAY
DB Press                 3x10x40 2x10x50 2x10x60 2x10x70 2x10x80 2x10x90 2x10x100 2x10x120
Machine press         4x6
3way Delts                 3x10
*overhead triceps ext      3x10
*Triceps pushdowns      3x10

Week B      TUESDAY
   Rotator Therapy/Abs
Stand on Plate Pulls      2x3's
Rack pulls                 2x3's
Hammer Mach LPD      6x10
seated cable rows      4x10
*Leg Curl/Standing calves   4x10
*Leg Ext/Seated Calves   4x10

THURSDAY's stay the same
SATURDAY's stay the same

Week C

MONDAY is WEEK A or B depending how it falls in the rotation.

   Rotator Therapy/Abs
Box pulls                 2x3's
Partial pulls         4x5's
Hammer Mach LPD      6x10
1arm row                 3x10
Shruggs            3x10
Hypers            3x10
*Leg Curl/Standing calves   4x10
*Leg Ext/Seated Calves      4x10

THURSDAY stays the same.
SATURDAY stays the same.
sept 10th APF