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Author Topic: Hostile Takeover Reported at House Of Pain Ironwear (Rick Brewer "Locked Out")  (Read 3871 times)
Sean Katterle
Getbig II
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« on: November 14, 2012, 02:25:57 PM »

^^^ Rick Brewer, the founder and now former CEO of House Of Pain IronWear, standing on the right in this photograph. ^^^

“About 17 years ago; I started HOUSE OF PAIN. It has been my great pleasure to meet most of the best weightlifters and fighters in the world. We have sponsored almost 8,000 events, and too many fighters and weightlifters to count. Earlier this year; I took on new partners to help us take the HOUSE OF PAIN brand to the next level. We were so excited! Unfortunately, they were not completely honest with me about their plans. They do not want to sponsor events or lifters, and prefer to change the style to something a bit more ‘generic’ so that it can be sold in stores. Their plans will sever HOP ties to the weightlifters and fighters that we know and love, and I cannot abide this change.
They waited until we went on vacation, then fired Kris and I, and changed the locks on the HOUSE OF PAIN building! They fired some HOP employees, and told others that we had quit. Our HOP employees knew that we hadn’t quit, but we were still locked out. Lawyers got involved, because it is a complex thing to fire an owner like this, but it looks like it will stick. I am sick.”
– Rick Brewer, the founder of, by way of email communication this morning

“Our attorney told them that even if we could not return to HOP; all HOP-sponsored events must continue. We had several big events scheduled, and this Saturday (for one example) – the HOUSE OF PAIN APF TX Cup was to be held in our new HOP building. We have been working to make sure that we honored all of our event agreements, but last night – they cancelled all events and said they would not allow the Powerlifting meet to occur in the new HOP building! This was the last straw, because this harms hundreds of our close friends. If you have any comments, feel free to call my ‘partners’ at # 972-475-0770 (Adam, Matt, & Greg).
I walk away from HOP with a heavy heart, but I am proud to have known the best lifters and fighters in the world. Thanks for all of the memories; I hope to see some of you again."

Rick Brewer
Only the strong survive!

Everybody knows that Old Man Jenkins would have gotten away with his dastardly schemes if it weren’t for those darn kids and their investigative dog. I wanted to run this story so Rick had a chance to be heard via a direct quote (which is posted above.)
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