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Author Topic: New Board Idea - Getbig Hall of Fame Board  (Read 938 times)
Roger Bacon
Getbig V
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Roger Bacon tries to be witty and fails

« on: August 12, 2013, 05:28:08 PM »

Ron, please create a locked Hall of Fame board where posts like the one below can be moved.  Cheesy

well, ok, here goes, i went to the lake next day just to relax a bit and suntan, was very tired, i approached the place where ppl lay around I hadn't eaten for fourteen days so muscles were on show, and see many young women and my shorts were straining with my powerful erections so I hung my wig off my cock to hide my embarrassment, i can tell apart well which ones would call the police if I manhandled them for a picture to post on get big.
but i see 1 spot, a what looks like rich-divorced milf with perfect body, fake blonde etc ie the perfect target as she had an air of desperation(these always have priority even over the younger,this is economical), sitting there alone, like its most normal thing in the world, out of the square half mile room there i put my towel right next to her and hit several poses all the while telling her I am most perfect man in world and if she didn't believe me to pm homosexual moderator on get big who I had sent pic of my cock not because im insecure oh no.
i went for a coffee because I hadn't had caffeine for 15 mins so was becoming faint due to 500 calories only for past month, asked here to have an eye on my bag there and this was kinda error, on my way to the coffee, 2 girls walked past by I threw a most muscular there way which of course made them wet in panties, and i see how their jaws drop a bit,the galeniko sting of love, i walk past them and turn around for they were kinda hotties, and one of them turns around too, you know this situation where both catch eachother Grin
we laugh and have little bit chitchat, they were tourists, no point exchanging numbers because they threatened to call the police if I didn't stop asking them if they liked vein in bicep or face,they from a place ill never go to anway due to court order, so this cost valueable time.

now i return to the milf and what do i see, theres some built guy there, kinda lean but clearly no comparo, and hes already massage her, and hold hands, while she seemed bit on the this pussy of a guy tells her his whole life story, i can hear out the bullshit and think to myself what an obsolute idiot, she stares over to me all the time, whenever he dont cover her, i swear he would put his arm around her in order to make it impossible for her to see me,an absolute beta throughout.
even the people sitting around notice this and cant help but discreetly laugh as I am still sitting right next to her even though she is sucking the guys cock I try a front double biceps but no luck.
when they went into the water shed ask me if i can look at her bag Wink they fuck in the water while i masterbate furiously into her purse
so i thought shed eventualy tell him to get fucked and waited patiently for 14 hours, but that didnt happen.
what happened, as the sun moved on the sky, shade from trees was aproaching us all, and he told her lets go to more sunny spot and he moved their towels some 20feet away but that didnt fix his problem, she still stares over al the time not because I am doing a front lat spread while staring at her with an obviously erection in my shorts but with very clear intentions look.
while they been talking she even said to him if shes going to have a man just based on looks,she wants perfection, this must have hurt him alot, bc she clearly was talking about me there I know this because even though she is fucking him my abs are marginally better than his Grin
so, i figured this guy wont let loose, and when they went to the water, i was thinking of stealing her her phone and calling myself,then id have the number and could stalk her by sending her five hundred ab shot pics a day Grin

but with my tan, ppl would maybe think im Romanian homless thief and call the government, so instead i wrote down my number on a piece of papar and put it into her bag.just in time, bc very soon after, they left.
i was soo very much annoyed that i didnt hit on her straight away rather than the creepy staring I did while she was fucking the other guy, see this is what i mean with no hesitation, no afraidnes of rejection and no social awareness whats so ever

booty made a good point, here you dont see many built guys walkng around,maybe that helps a great deal, but i dont think its just that, if i look at how the bigger guys appear and behave and I weep
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Roger Bacon
Getbig V
Posts: 20986

Roger Bacon tries to be witty and fails

« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2013, 05:52:21 PM »

Another example of a thread for the getbig Hall of Fame

I was watching Of Mice and Men the other night and could not help but think of Genova only the scene would be....

After Jason accidentally grosses out another customer at his grocery store who dies of disgust after seeing his stained tighty whities as Jason does an impromptu posedown in Aisle #6(canned goods), the staff at his job decide to take matters in their own hands and pursue Jason.

Jason goes to hide in the place that PJ told him to go if he gets in trouble again(Behind Home Depot). PJ sensing that Jason could become a liability to their billion dollar corporation, and that without his grocery job they will have to actually pay him, meets him while he has Jason kneel down and look at the dumpster as he recounts the story of how "Guys like them have nobody, and will never win a major title, but they have each other so they will start their own bodybuilding contest, pick the judges and........"

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Getbig V
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« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2013, 11:03:13 PM »

Probably won't happen at the moment...

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