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Author Topic: Krazy Horse fights Chute Box Team backstage!!!  (Read 3396 times)
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« on: February 21, 2006, 01:57:28 AM »

apparently he battered a member of Chute Box in their fight, so the team waited for him in his changing room. 1 of them choked him out, another few kicked fuck out of him and when he woke up he KO'd Wanderlei Silva!!!

READ ON.........

MMAWeekly: ĎKrazy Horse,í whatís up with you? How are you doing?

Charles Bennett: Pretty good, just getting ready to head to the airport.

MMAWeekly: Talk about who youíre fighting this weekend.

Bennett: Um, some guy named ĎThe Frog.í I donít know what that means.

MMAWeekly: Does that intimidate you since youíre ĎThe Krazy Horseí and youíre fighting ĎThe Frog?í

Bennett: Nah. Horses are bigger than frogs. Just stomp on them.

MMAWeekly: ĎKrazy Horse,í do you even watch any tape on the guys you fight, or do you just show up and fight?

Bennett: I just show up and fight.

MMAWeekly: How come you donít watch any tape on your opponents?

Bennett: Because I donít need to. Whatever theyíre going to try to do, IĒm going to have a blockage for it anways. Thereís no reason to watch tape. Theyíre weak. Everybody is weak when it comes to fighting me.

MMAWeekly: When are we going to see you in Pride again?

Bennett: Iím supposed to go back to Japan in April.

MMAWeekly: Who are you going to fight in April? Do you know yet?

Bennett: I donít know. Hopefully one of Wanderlei Silvaís fighters.

MMAWeekly: Letís talk about that. You bring that up. There was an interesting post on a lot of the forums saying you got into a battle with the Chute Boxe guys. What happened with that?

Bennett: Nothing much. They just jumped me. A bunch of little bitches.

MMAWeekly: When did this happen? Was it at the show?

Bennett: This was at the last (show), this was at the New Yearís show.

MMAWeekly: So what went down?

Bennett: Um. They were pretty disappointed that their training techniques didnít work for the guy that I was fighting. You know? I made him look like shit when I beat him up. He tried some of that Chute Boxe shit, but itís bullshit. All that shit is bullshit.

MMAWeekly: So you go backstage, and what happens backstage?

Bennett: I got called out in the ring after I beat the dude. One of the dudes that was training with him gets into the ring and he was like, me and you are next. You know me. I donít look for any trouble. I was more like, Okay, whatever you say, but right now I won my fight. Iím going to have a good time. Then I go to the back in the locker room, and thatís where the whole Chute Boxe team was at. Then, you know, this and that happened. I wonít go into further details, but if you read the post you already know.

MMAWeekly: This is what I read. Somebody from Chute Boxe choked you out. Somebody was kicking you down and then, rumor has it, you got up and you knocked out Wanderlei Silva.

Bennett: Um. Some rumors are not always rumors, though.

MMAWeekly: What does that mean?

Bennett: You can take that any way you want, but if a little man my size can pack that much punch, just imagine what I can do to a guy that Iím going to fight my size.

MMAWeekly: All right. The post says you knocked out Wanderlei Silva. Thatís what it says.

Bennett: Did it?

MMAWeekly: Thatís what it said.

Bennett: That man there, Wanderlei Silva, heís pretty bad. I think I should be crowned the champion. You know what I mean?

MMAWeekly: Thatís craziness dude, you throwing down with Wanderlei. Are you crazy?

Bennett: Yea, but the f#%ked up thing about it, I didnít get paid for it.

MMAWeekly: So you want to fight one of the Chute Boxe guys in Pride soon?

Bennett: Actually, I want to fight all of the Chute Boxe guys.

MMAWeekly: Who do you want to fight?

Bennett: The guy, I donít know his name. Heís about 155 pounds.

MMAWeekly: Azeredo?

Bennett: I think thatís him.

MMAWeekly: So youíd like to take a shot at him?

Bennett: Yea.

MMAWeekly: How would that go? Would it just be a stand up war between you two?

Bennett: No, because he didnít want to stand up with me in the locker room.

MMAWeekly: Dude, did you take on the entire team or what?

Bennett: I took on the whole Chute Boxe team. It was six against one . . . Iím not worried about anyone know. If I took on the whole Chute Boxe team, f@%k, what are you going to bring?

MMAWeekly: Youíre crazy if youíre throwing down with the whole Chute Boxe. Who does that? Nobody does.

Bennett: Nope. I didnít even have no corner help.

MMAWeekly: You were just solo? You were just throwing down?

Bennett: Yea. Thatís it. After whatever happened with Wanderlei, I tried to get the hell up out of there, though, because I knew then I had him f@%ked up. I was like, damn. What have I done?

MMAWeekly: How did this end? How did you get out of there? I mean if youíre battling six guys, how did you get out? How did it end?

Bennett: Somebody snatched me out. They were like, youíre going to get yourself killed. Get out here with all of us so we can protect you. I was like, all right. Hurry up and get me out of here.

MMAWeekly: You got the green light and ran with somebody else?

Bennett: Yea. Thatís basically it. I dropped in a herd.

MMAWeekly: Let me ask you. Would you ever go up in weight and fight a guy like Shogun or Wanderlei?

Bennett: Sure would.

MMAWeekly: Youíd do it in a heartbeat?

Bennett: Yep. I would want to fight Wanderlei first because I know heíd stand with me like a dumbass and get knocked out again.

MMAWeekly: Youíd knockout Wanderlei again?

Bennett: Yea. Nah. I wonít knock him out, but somebody . . . I know with the weight Iíll knock him out.

MMAWeekly: You said it again ĎKrazy Horse.í I just caught you man.

Bennett: Nah. That wasnít me. That was Charles.

MMAWeekly: That was Charles. All right. ĎKrazy Horse,í we wish you the best. Jeff Curranís a tough guy man. You better be ready. Heís a tough, tough dude.

Bennett: I heard.

MMAWeekly: Heís a good fighter.

Bennett: Iíve got something for him. Iím going to stick my fingers in his butt and see how tough he is then.

MMAWeekly: Youíre simply crazy. Good talking to you and good luck in your fight. Okay?

Bennett: Thanks.
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« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2006, 08:47:03 AM »

Maybe Bennet should have watched some tape on Jeff Curran.
He'll get totally killed by alzedo.
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