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Author Topic: Oldtimer1  (Read 37362 times)
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Trained back: No warm ups listed. Sometimes I skipped the warm up.

Mag grip pulldowns 1 x 15 ( I won't list the weight. It's one of those exercise that if you lean back with partials anyone can handle sick weights. I try to stay mainly up right with full extension and full contraction touching my upper chest)
Low V Handle seated pulley lat row 1 x 14 180lbs (All the way out and all the way in.)
One arm dumbbell row off a bench 1 x 11 95lbs
Hammer pulldown 1 x 11

Dead lift 1 x 6 315lbs
Weighted hyper back extension 1 x 20 25lbs (25lbs plate behind my head)

Ab wheel 1 x 30
Machine ab crunch 1 x 30 100lbs

I believe in form over weight. I don't claim to be a Hercules. Having said that so many are delusional. They do limited ranges of motion with a ton of weight. It's always better in my opinion is a full range of motion with a moderate cadence of rep speed. Pay attention to the negative. For example I'm sure if I did a big lean back with the pulldown and stopped the positive 6 inches from my chest I could increase the weight I use by 50lbs or more. Better to sit up right with a slight lean back while going all the way down and up. Then again weight lifting will never be rocket science. Both intelligent and dopey trainers have gotten good results doing what ever they feel like.
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