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IFBB PBW Championships Contest in Tampa – Aug 11th – Competitor Lists

The 2012 IFBB PBW Championships will be held in Tampa, Florida on August 10-11th. Here is more information, and the IFBB competitors that are slated to compete in five IFBB contests. Also with this event is the NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza contest.


2012 NPC USA’s in Las Vegas July 27-28th – Mens Competitors

Over 800 competitors will be competing at the 2012 NPC USAs in Las Vegas on July 27th-28th. Prejudging begins on Friday at noon for Men’s Bodybuilding, followed by Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique and Bikini. Prejudging for Men’s Physique and Figure will be on Saturday morning. Here is list of some of the male competitors (although not complete) who will be competing.


NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Contest – July 6-7

The 2012 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Contest, along with the 2012 NPC National Fitness competition, is being held in Teaneck, New Jersey on July 6-7th. Over 45 competitors will become IFBB Pros here, so expect a huge contest.


2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Competitor Lists

On July 6-7, the IFBB Wings Of Strength Chicago Pro Bodybuilding, Physique & Figure contest will be heading to the Crowne Plaza Conference Center. Check out the competitor lists, information and more.


2012 NPC/IFBB California – May 26th in Culver City

One of the most prestigious contests in California, the NPC California bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini contest, is headed to the Veterans Auditorium in Culver City this Saturday, May 26th. There is also an IFBB Pro Figure contest on this day. Here is the competitor list and more information on this event.


2012 IFBB New York Pro – Competitor Lists for May 19th

Wow – what an incredible list of competitors for the 2012 IFBB New York Pro. Here are the competitor lists for all of the six IFBB contests that will be held this Saturday, May 19th at the Tribeca Center for Performing Arts.


2012 IFBB New York Pro Information

Six IFBB Contests and one of the biggest contests of the year is heading to New York on May 19th, 2012, with some of the biggest and top competitors coming to compete at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center. Here is more information on these contests.


IFBB/NPC Pittsburgh Pro Info and Competitor Lists

Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf, Dexter Jackson and Steve Kuclo are the guest posers for this incredible IFBB / NPC contest in Pittsburgh. Here is more information, and the IFBB competitor lists in Pro Figure, Bikini and Fitness.


2012 IFBB Mr. Europe Pro Mens Bodybuilding – April 28

The IFBB Pro Mens Bodybuilding competition heads to Madrid, Spain this weekend with the 2012 IFBB Mr. Europa Pro Contest. Johnnie Jackson, Ben White, Brandon Curry and Michael Kefalianos lead the pack to capture the title. Here is the current competitor list and more…


2012 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Competitor Lists and Info

The 2012 IFBB Europa Show of Champions is heading to Orlando, Florida on April 27-28th. Three IFBB pro shows, Mens Bodybuilding 212lbs and Under, Womens Figure and Womens Physique, along with an NPC contest will be held at the venue along with a myriad of other events. Here is the IFBB Pro tentative competitor lists for these events.


2012 Amateur Olympia will be held on November 29-30 in Kuwait

Every bodybuilder wants to rise above his peers to be recognized as the best of the best and fulfill the dream of making it to the big time – the IFBB Pro League. This year, the best amateurs of Asia, the Middle East and Africa will gather in Kuwait for the opportunity of a lifetime at the 2012 IFBB Amateur Olympia on November 29-30. Now in its second year, and with a coveted IFBB Pro card awarded to the overall winner, the Amateur Olympia promises to be the winner-take-all event of the season.


2012 IFBB Masters Olympia – $250,000 prize money in Prague Dec 7-8

Jaroslava is coming back with an event bigger event in 2012, joing forces with the IFBB Pro League and the Olympia to bring the bodybuilding world the 2012 IFBB Masters Olympia! Here is the details and more info on this event on December 7-8 in Prague, Czech.


2012 IFBB Pro Grand Prix Los Angeles – Men & Women’s Physique

The new IFBB Divisions of Men’s and Women’s Physique continue to progress, as two more contests will be held in Los Angeles (Culver City) on April 14th. The 2nd IFBB Pro Men’s Physique and the 4th IFBB Pro Women’s Physique contest are proving to be the biggest yet, with 27 competitors total so far, and probably the strongest lineups yet for these contests.


2012 IFBB/NPC California Governor’s Cup – Sacramento Competitor Lists

The IFBB is heading to Sacramento this Saturday. In a new contest called the California Governor’s Cup, three IFBB contests are going to be held, including the first IFBB Pro Men’s Physique contest, as well as a Pro Figure and Pro Women’s Physique contest. Along with a huge NPC contest, here is the info on the contest and competitor lists.


2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic in Phoenix Feb 25

With one week to go, the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic in Phoenix, featuring three IFBB contests, will be held. IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding 212 and Under, IFBB Bikini and the first ever IFBB Women’s Physique contest (a brand new division). Who will be competing? We have the competitor lists.