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Joe Weider Memorial To Be Broadcast Live will provide a free, live webcast stream from Joe Weider’s memorial service in Santa Monica, CA on April 14, 2013. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will be one of the speakers.

2012 Los Angeles Fit Expo Pictures

With more than 30,000 people attending the 2013 Los Angeles Fit Expo, here are a few of the expo pics that were taken by Ron Avidan during the weekend of February 19-20th, which occurred at the L.A. Convention. Check it out!

4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Signs with BPI Sports

It’s official. Jay Cutler has signed with BPI Sports and will be launching his own signature series sometime in 2013 with the company. BPI Marketing Director Diana Ross shared, “This is the first of many big moves to come for BPI Sports. Cutler will allow BPI to market its subsidiary brands in various outlets like never before, while allowing Cutler to stand behind our brands, rather than in front of.”

Generation Iron – a new bodybuilding docudrama coming soon

American Media Inc. has partnered with writer/director Vlad Yudin and producing partner Edwin Mejia of the Vladar Company to produce and direct a bodybuilding docudrama titled, Generation Iron. They will follow the world’s top seven bodybuilders as they fight to bring home the 2012 Mr. Olympia title.

NPC National Vice President / NJ State Chairman John Kemper passes away

R.I.P. John Kemper, who passed away on June 13th, 2012. He was the NPC National Vice-President, the NPC New Jersey State Chairman, an NPC Promoter, an NPC/IFBB Judge, and the creator of The World Famous Diamond Gym, New Jersey. Today is truly a sad day, and we all offer our condolences to his family.

Robert Kennedy – Bodybuilding Industry Icon passes away

Robert Kennedy, one of the icons of the bodybuilding industry, passed away on Friday, April 13th, at the age of 73. Bob, publisher of many bodybuilding magazines, books and all around incredible person, lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed by his family, friends and fans.

IFBB appoints Dan Solomon to the IFBB Press Commision

Dan Solomon, creator of the popular radio internet show, Pro Bodybuilding Radio, has been appointed to the IFBB Press Commission. Congratulations Dan! Dan’s role will be to help bring out information and news to help out Dr. Rafael Santonja worldwide bodybuilding initiatives.

Lionel Brown – One week out from the Flex Pro

At the 2012 NPC Gold Contest contest in San Diego, Lionel Brown guest posed, one week out from the Flex Pro Bodybuilding Contest (which is next Saturday). Here are some pics of Lionel on stage, much heavier and more muscular than he has been.

RYU Signs 2011 Mr. Olympia Phil Heath as Official Athlete

Respect Your Universe, Inc. announced signing 2011 Mr. Olympia Phil “The Gift” Heath as an official RYU athlete. Gracing the covers of five national publications in 2011 (Flex, Muscular Development, Ironman, MuscleMag, and Planet Muscle around the world), Heath was selected by RYU for encompassing a hard work ethic, discipline, respect and humility that correlate closely to the core values respect, strength, honor and sustainability of RYU.

2012 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the Top 5 Finalists (both male and female) in the’s Annual Spokesmodel Contest. Hundreds of people applied to be the next Bodyspace Finalist, and the final list is in. The competitors will be flown to Los Angeles, and the winners will be announced on stage at the 2012 Fit Expo at the L.A. Convention Center on January 29th. We will be there covering the event. The finalists are…

Derik Farnsworth Squats 585 Pounds for Charity

On December 10th, at the Metroflex Gym Long Beach, Derek Farnsworth, weighing 176 pounds squatted 585 pounds, for donations for a worthy cause, the 1736 Family Crisis Center. 619 Muscle Long Beach (the supplement store inside the gym) also collected toys for the children, and brought quite a few vendors to their annual Holiday Bash. Here are some pics of the moment.

IFBB Pro Lee Banks signs with Champion Nutrition

Congratulations to Lee Banks for signing with Champion Nutrition.

Champion Nutrition recently announced the signing of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Lee Banks to its “Team Champion” group of amateur and professional athletes! Lee, inspired by his late father, Lee Andrew Banks, experimented with lifting weights at the age of 16 and after many years of dedicated training he competed for the first time at the age of 30 entering the All Star Bodybuilding Championships in Jacksonville, Florida.

After success at the local level, Lee’s drive to him to the national stage where he gathered two third place and three second place finishes before turning pro in 2010 by winning the overall title in the NPC North American’s. Lee is training right now getting ready for the 2011 Europa Pro in Orlando at the end of April and the New York Pro in New York City in May. Please welcome Lee once again to the Champion Team!

IFBB Pro Brandon Ray signs with Betancourt Nutrition

Betancourt Nutrition is excited to announce the addition of Brandon Ray, the 2010 NPC Nationals Light Heavy-weight champion and exemplar of the 202 lb aesthetic physique to it’s team. Jorge Betancourt, the teen bodybuilding legend who possessed one of the most aesthetic structures of his time has seen great potential in Brandon and his ability to help bring the classic physique back to the forefront of professional bodybuilding.

Jorge Betancourt says, “Brandon can help bring back to bodybuilding the physique that everyone can envy, the type of physique that this sport needs to maintain its credibility so it can continue to thrive.” Brandon is ready to take the 202lb class and the rest of the bodybuilding world by storm and realize his potential with the help of Betancourt Nutrition. “I’ve been gaining knowledge and hearing about how much potential I have from some of the most experienced and successful bodybuilders in the industry” says Brandon.

“I love the direction that this company is headed in and the innovative mark they are leaving in the sports nutrition industry. It’s motivating to know that the Betancourt Team feels that I reflect the image of their company and I’m excited to see where my career and my partnership with Betancourt Nutrition can take me.

IFBB New York Pro Fitness: Twitter Updates

Updates via Twitter from the IFBB New York Pro Fitness contest…

2010 Photographer Of The Year – Ron Avidan

I am honored and humbled to be the 2010 Photographer of the Year at This truly has made my day! The honor was given at the 2010 Site Awards. You can check out the link of all the awards here.

2010 Site Awards

Here is the excerpt of the Photographer of the Year Award.

Ron Avidan has been a fan of the bodybuilding world for years. He’s combined his passion for the industry with his joy of taking photographs. Ron can be seen in front of the stage, behind the scenes and roaming an expo hall on any given show day. Many times he’s doing all three and does it with a grin on his face. Ron’s dedication to getting creative shots shows in the number of photos he’s seen published over the years. His work can be seen in FLEX, IRONMAN, MuscleMag and numerous other fitness publications throughout the world.