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Author Topic: Thor38's training log  (Read 1825 times)
Getbig I
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« on: December 13, 2008, 02:20:42 PM »

Well,i just started back training again after a woefull battle with bronchitis.
Sh!T sidelined me for Damn near a month!
Well,this is what i have done the last two days and what i will be doing on day 3.

Workout 1(Friday)-(Back,Lats,Bi's,Forearms)"Pullups"(Overhand,Underhand,& Neutral grip).I also did the type that Stallone does in Rocky II.Also,this type variation where you're hands are in hammer grip from a side position and they are no more than an inch apart.Sort of a hammergrip angle mega close grip variation.I did lots and lots of sets.Probably around 10 or 11 alltogether.Gotta bring them bi's and forearms back up to par quickly!

Workout 2(Saturday)-(Chest,Triceps,Front Delts)"Pushups"(And they're various variations).I used the pushup bars and did medium and close grip.Also did fingertip style and flathand standard style.Had a 45 lb plate on my back for 4 sets as well.I did this variation where you make yourself spring up like they do with clapping pushups but i did this thing where i move my whole body like 7 ft to the right and then 7 ft to the left,back and forth while springing myself up while performing the explosive style pushups.Really Really compounds the movement and ands a definite element of explosiveness for definite effectiveness based enhancement for that athletic based factor.
Also included in this workout day were several sets of "Crunches" using "The Weider Ab Shaper"

Workout 3(Sunday)-(Cardio and Plyometrics)"I plan to do Weighted Vertical Jumps,Kickbox Areobics,and Treadmill Sprints"
First off is 5-7 sets of "Weighted Vertical Jumps".10-15 reps per set while holding a 45 in each hand.Next is "Kickbox Aerobics".Basically going at it with a couple minutes straight of kicking and punching techniques with a half minute breather in between.I plan to aim for at least 3 rounds.Maybe 4.Next up will be Treadmill Sprints".These are done on a manual style treadmill.First off is A 3 minute warmup jog followed by 3-5 "15-20" second full blast sprints.These are then followed by a 3 Minute Cooldown Jog.

I Will take Monday off and then resume exactly the same three day pattern on Tuesday,Wed,and Thur,then take Fri off and resume the same 3 day pattern on Saturday and then so on and so forth.

This will likely remain unchanged for the next month and a half or so.

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Zach Trowbridge
Getbig IV
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« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2008, 06:10:28 PM »

Not a bad setup.  What are your training goals right now?
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