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Author Topic: I learned the easiest way for epic leans  (Read 8901 times)
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« Reply #75 on: December 03, 2009, 06:06:14 AM »

i learned the easiest way for epic leans..

when chilling with a hoe its 100 times easier not to eat anything , only VERY minimal amounts if you must nibble. when with a hoe your just chilling you certainly dont need any feul only water cause it swells up the wang like no other food can...i know this because i was with a hoe all day yesterday and had my face up her ass like all day, i drank tons of water, i think all i had to eat were some turnip greens and a bowl of rice thats it. mind you that ive been eating unlimited fashion lately as well as everyday high volume training because high eating and high training are a perfect inner marriage for those seeking personal harmonious body. high training and eating = high muscle

when with a hoe there is no training only an escape of pleasure (dieting being the ultimate pain however) *now u should combine the two for ultimate mastery* this is the best time to lose fat because you dont mind appetite at all when with a fine ass hoe. youll wake up the next day dry and ripped provided that your time away from hoes is full of eating and training thus maintaing the muscle metabolism  AND PLENTY OF WATER AT ALL TIMES

you never want to eat alot and chill with a hoe if the goal is to be with a hoe while simultaneously getting lean, even on super low cals with a hoe and plenty of water you can still attain many nuts if the hoe is fine enough. also a high nut attainment abilities are rolled over from previous days of overly eating and overly training

IMO its best to dedicate days to mass and leave the dieting/rest days for chilling with hoes


IMO, if you are with girls you are not very hungry. Drinking water will hydrate you and create rock hard erections.

God damn Falcon, don't write so much useless junk. Get to the main point of your arguments.
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