Author Topic: need help with a routine that will help me burn fat and still gain lean muscle  (Read 890 times)


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hey guys, i am just getting back into working out and i need some good advice. i havnt been working out for a cpl years, so im extremley out of shape. i need some advice on what kind of routine to use to help me burn fat, and lose my beer gut while still making muscle gains. i currently weigh in at 280 lbs and this is the biggest ive been in my life. so really i just need to be pushed in the right direction to help me get started.

i really need to know what kind of supplements would be good to take, because there are just too many on the market that i know nothing about. also what kind of diet/ workout routine would help me get going in the right direction?  my goal is to get down to around 230lbs, and again im not really looking to bulk up huge right now, im just wanting to cut this fat while maintaining and building lean muscle.

i will be working out at my home,and i know its hard to stay motivated when working out at home, but i have a olympic weight bench with 400lbs of weight, cable machine,dumbells,treadmill, punching bag and a bike,  so i will be working out here until i get started in the right direction , and then i will probably start going to the local gym a couple days a week also. so if any of you guys could help me out i would appreciate it, and i know im such a noob  but i really need some good advice.  thanks in advance for any help i get.