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Author Topic: From volume to HIT  (Read 16760 times)
Getbig V
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John Meadows has committed career suicide

« Reply #50 on: March 03, 2016, 02:52:05 PM »

Great training!
Please keep updating

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Getbig IV
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« Reply #51 on: March 14, 2016, 11:02:02 AM »

Weighed in @ 228lbs this morning body fat steadily dropping. Cardio 5x week train weights 5x week. Last checked calipers body fat was at 9.06%

Split is currently
M-chest tri /cardio abs
T-back bi/cardio calves
W- quads. Abs mayb
T-shoulder traps/ HIIT Cardio
F- deadlifts hams/cardio calves
Saturday is 35 mins abs only
Sunday off
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Getbig V
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« Reply #52 on: March 08, 2017, 05:05:29 PM »

If Wes called you out it's simple enough to hand your phone to someone to video tape. I'm always skeptical of any weight posted on a board having been in the gyms for over 40 years.  Everyone does half range shoulder presses never going all the way down.  Guys do rack deadlifts and think they the weights they post are true deadlift weights. Leg press is half reps to quarter reps with a million pounds on the machine. Squats are shallow. Pullups are never all the way down or all the way up to the point of having the elbows down and bar just about touching the chest. I could go on. What I'm saying is bodybuilders quoting weight used is almost always bs and not like an Olympic lifter. In Olympic lifting you either lift it over head or you don't. Bodybuilding is a sport of cosmetic athletes.  I've seen amazing things in the gyms but most guys training are just delusional about what they lift.
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Getbig V
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« Reply #53 on: January 24, 2018, 08:03:12 PM »

Even though I have been training I haven't posted in awhile.

Today was leg day. Last week I did an hour of fast walking for an hour 6 days in a row in addition to lifting. My legs are fried from this. No warm ups listed.

Leg press 2 x 12 (4 plates a side and a five. Really deep knee bend on this. No shallow leg presses)
squats 2 x 8 225lbs  then 1 x 1 260lbs (tried to go really deep but legs were fried from to much cardio and leg press
Machine squat 1 x 10  235 ass to grass as deep as my legs would go (tough stuff machine.)
leg extensions 2 x 20
seated leg curl 2 x 15
standing leg curl 2 x12

Side bend with one dumbbell 1 x 15 90lbs
Hanging leg raise 2 x 22
Hip ups on back 1 x 25
pulley crunches 2 x 25

leg press calf 2 x 25 230lbs
standing calf 1 x 15 leverage machine so weight is meaningless to list
seated calf 2 x 15 90lbs. Tried to go full range every rep. No short hops.

tibealis anterior 1 x 20

neck work 1 x 20 every side. Used a weight helmet.

Finished legs with about 40 minutes of fast walking on a treadmill. Did one lap at zero grade (incline) at 3.8 MPH. Every lap (440 yards) I went up 1 percent grade (incline) till I hit 7 percent grade (incline). Finished with the last lap with zero incline. My legs were rubber doing this after lifting.

Tomorrow I hope to run 5 miles.  All this cardio I'm doing is making me feel washed out and little weak but I'm losing fat quick. Lost about 5 pounds in 10 days.
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