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Author Topic: Oldtimer1  (Read 1880 times)
Getbig V
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« Reply #25 on: April 20, 2017, 06:43:59 PM »

Took the day off. No cardio and no lifting.
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Getbig V
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« Reply #26 on: April 21, 2017, 05:24:01 PM »

Delt and arms:  No warm ups shown

Press behind neck on smith machine 3 x 6 135lbs (all the way down with bar to traps)
Dumbbell laterals 2 x 10 30lbs
Rear delt laterals 2 x 10 40lbs
Machine laterals 2 x 10 70lbs
Barbell shrugs 2 x 10 240lbs

Weighted dips 2 x 8 25lbs (went deep)
Traditional tricep pushdowns 2 x 12
Tricep machine 2 x 10

EZ bar curls 2 x 10 90lbs
Machine curls 2 x 10
concentration dumbbell curl 2 x 11 25lbs

forearm wrist curl 2 x 25 95lbs
reverse pulley curl 2 x 10

ab coaster 2 x 27 60lbs
floor crunches 1 x 55 5lbs plate behind head
V bar crunches  2 x 25

Really hot blonde older milf about 55 years old. Bright red lip stick to workout. Smiled at me and made some small talk.  I like eye candy in the gym.

So many old people in the gym today.  It's like a social event. They hang out and talk about politics and other stuff. They like to sit in machines doing sets every 5 minutes.

Always amazed by how many young men who are in serious condition don't seem to have jobs. I guess some of them have afternoon and night jobs. I see the same guys day after day at 9AM or 10AM when I generally train.

I spotted a guy benching and he thanked me for what is one of my grievances at the gym. I don't bench anymore but when ever I would ask for a spot typically the guy would wrap his hands around the bar usually saying something like, " It's all you." while taking 20lbs to 30lbs off the weight of the bar. I told the guy I spotted I will only help if you fail.  He appreciated it.

What's with the gallon jugs of green or orange fluid? I don't think I ever drank a gallon of fluid working out in my life.

A lot of talk of heart attacks in the gym. Apparently a guy running on the trail by my house was found dead. The poor soul was wearing one of those athletic heart rate monitors. I guess it was reading zero beats per minute when he collapsed.

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Getbig V
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« Reply #27 on: April 24, 2017, 12:55:17 PM »

I have to go to Texas for 7 days. We all know how horrible hotel gyms are. Going to do only Cardio there.  Maybe I will figure out what I can do in their gym. I think the dumbbells go up to 45lbs.  Ugh. I'll figure out how to make the weight heavy. Slow reps, pre exhaust and high reps.  

This is my last workout before I go tomorrow.  I did a whole body routine.  No warm ups listed. Always a full range of motion. No half or 3/4 reps.

Squats 2 x 8 225lbs (Narrow stance, high bar, and tried to go deep)
Leg extensions 2 x 12 165lbs (I know machine weight is meaningless)
Leg curl 2 x 12 90lbs

Hammer Strength pulldown 2 x 10 185lbs
Seated cable row 2 x 12 170lbs

Hammer incline bench 2 x 8 (two 45's a side plus 5lbs)
Flat flies 2 x 10 45lbs

Press behind neck on smith 2 x 6 45lbs on each side.
Dumbbell laterals 2 x 10 30lbs

Traditional tricep pushdowns 2 x 12 (stack. Sounds like a lot but it's not)
Bicep pulley curls with bar 2 x 10

Standing calf raise 2 x 12 180lbs (again machine weight is meaningless. My home unit I use 325lbs. 180lbs is really heavy on this thing.)

Neck machine: Did two sets for front, side and back.

Ab wheel rollout 2 x 24 reps

Told a steroid head who left his phone and water on one end of the gym to work out on the other side my experience where I caught a guy picking up my phone. When I approached the guy he said he just wanted to see the new generation Iphone. I know if I didn't see this guy pick up  the phone it would have been stolen. Anyway back the steroid head. Told him what happened to me in this gym and he couldn't give a damn.  Should have kept my mouth shut. LOL.
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