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2014 Olympia Contest will have a free webcast

The 2014 Olympia contest will feature a free webcast to those who can’t make it, thanks to, for both Friday and Saturday’s evenings events.

2012 Olympia Weekend Results

Congratulations to Phil Heath, James ‘Flex’ Lewis, Erin Stern, Nathalia Melo and Adela Gracia for winning their respective Olympia contests in Las Vegas. Here are the complete results.

2012 Mr. Olympia – The ‘Expert’ Predictions for the contest

The 2012 Mr. Olympia, the premier pro bodybuilding contest , will begin on Friday, September 28th, at 7pm, at the Orleans Arena, where 20 of the best bodybuilders in the world will go head to head against each other. As we do each year, the predictions come, and the debate begins. Who will be the top six?

2012 Olympia Weekend – Who is Qualified and Competing?

With the last IFBB contest over, these are the lists as to who is qualified to compete at the Olympia Weekend. Not that everyone will compete, some choose not to, one is pregnant, others have injuries, but at least we know which elite athletes have done it for 2012. These are the lists

2012 Olympia prize money reaches $900,000!

A staggering $900,000 is up for grabs at Joe Weider’s 2012 Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, plus a special surprise in store for next year. America Media Inc. (AMI) and the IFBB Pro League, producers of the Olympia weekend are thrilled to announce that the prize money for this year’s event has been increased to $900,000.

2012 Olympia expo DOUBLES in size – wow!

Last year, the expo booths sold out, and a lot more vendors wanted to come and enjoy the experience of the greatest bodybuilding competition in the world. This year, they will get a chance to, as the 2012 Olympia is going to double the area of the expo floor. We can’t wait. Here is the official press release.

2011 Olympia – Competitor Lists

With the 2011 Olympia competition in three weeks, here is the current competitor lists on who is qualified. There are a few more contests before the Olympia, so we expect more names!

2011 Mr. Olympia Competition

1. Fouad Abiad (Canada)
2. Troy Alves (USA)
3. Lionel Beyeke (France)
4. Robert Burneika (USA)
5. Evan Centopani (USA)
6. Brandon Curry (USA)
7. Jay Cutler (USA)
8. Maruis Dohne (South Africa)
9. Toney Freeman (USA)
10. Kai Greene (USA)
11. Phil Heath (USA)
12. Marcus Haley (USA)
13. Dexter Jackson (USA)
14. Johnnie Jackson (USA)
15. Michael Kefalianos (Australia)
16. Marc Lavoie (Canada)
17. James ‘Flex’ Lewis (United Kingdom)
18. Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic)
19. Frank McGrath (Canada)
20. Cedric McMillan (USA)
21. Evgeny Mishin (Russia)
22. Ed Nunn (USA)
23. Shawn Rhoden (USA)
24. Craig Richardson (USA)
25. Ronny Rockel (Germany)
26. Branch Warren (USA) –> Not competing, injured
27. Ben White (USA)
28. Roelly Winklaar (Netherlands)
29. Dennis Wolf (Germany)
30. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

2011 Olympia 202lb Showdown Competition

1. Allan Auguste (Haiti)
2. Jason Arntz (USA)
3. Pierre Chamoun (Sweden)
4. Gaetano Cisternino (USA)
5. Eduardo Da Silva Correa (Brazil)
6. Myoba Edwards (Canada)
7. Kevin English (USA)
8. Vaughan Ettienne (USA)
9. David Henry (USA) – not competing, serving in the armed forces!
10. John Hodgson (United Kingdom)
11. Jaroslav Horvath (Slovakia)
12. Tricky Jackson (USA)
13. James ‘Flex’ Lewis (United Kingdom)
14. James Llewellin (United Kingdom)
15. Stan McQuay (USA)
16. Fernando Noronha (Brazil)
17. Sergio Pestano Ramos (Switzerland)
18. Branden Ray (USA)
19. Jose Raymond (USA)
20. Amit Sapir (Israel)
21. Rixio Tapia (Venezuela)
22. Shaun-Joseph Tavernier (United Kingdom)
23. Marvin Ward (USA)

2011 Figure Olympia Competition

1. Jelana Abbou (USA)
2. Teresa Anthony (USA)
3. Holly Beck (USA)
4. Cheryl Brown (USA)
5. Raechelle Chase (New Zealand)
6. Krissy Chin (USA)
7. Ava Cowan (USA)
8. Heather Dees (USA)
9. Darlene Escano (Australia)
10. Heather Mae French (USA) – not competing, pregnant
11. Alicia Harris (USA)
12. Ella Horton (USA)
13. Candice John (Trinidad)
14. Candice Keene (USA)
15. Chelsey Morgenstern (USA)
16. Kristen Nagrani (USA)
17. Larissa Reis (Brazil)
18. Kristal Richardson (USA)
19. Felicia Romero (USA)
20. Monica Specking (USA)
21. Erin Stern (USA)
22. Gennifer Strobo (USA)
23. Ann Titone (USA)
24. Denna Walsh (USA)
25. Natalie Waples (Canada)
26. Courtney West (USA)
27. Latisha Wilder (USA)
28. Nicole Wilkins (USA)

2011 Fitness Olympia Competitors

1. Michelle Blank (USA)
2. Jodi Boam (Canada)
3. Myriam Capes (Canada)
4. Regiane Da Silva (Germany)
5. Nicole Duncan (USA)
6. Tina Durkin (USA)
7. Adela Garcia (USA)
8. Oksana Grishina (Russia)
9. Tanji Johnson (USA)
10. Diana Monteiro (Brazil)
11. Mindi O’Brien (Canada)
12. Camala Rodriguez (USA)
13. Kizzy Vaines (England)
14. Bethany Wagner (USA)
15. Trish Warren (USA) – not competing, pregnant

2011 Bikini Olympia Competitors

1. Dina Al-Sabah (Kuwait)
2. Jennifer Andrews (USA)
3. Jamie Baird (USA)
4. Barbara Bolotte (USA)
5. Abby Burrows (USA)
6. Vanessa Campbell (USA)
7. Missy Coles (USA)
8. Dianna Dahlgren (USA)
9. Juliana Daniell (USA)
10. Jenny Drennan (USA)
11. Sonia Gonzales (USA)
12. Diana Graham (USA)
13. Candyce Graham (USA)
14. Jessica Jessie (USA)
15. Amanda Latona (USA) – not competing, emceeing the Olympia
16. Marisa Renee Lee (USA)
17. Nina Luchka (Canada)
18. Nathalia Melo (Brazil)
19. shelsea Montes (USA)
20. Justine Munro (Canada)
21. Nathalia Mur (France)
22. Nicole Nagrani (USA)
23. India Paulino (USA)
24. Jessica Paxson (USA)
25. Natalie Pennington (USA)
26. Vanessa Prebyl (USA)
27. Ali Rosen (USA)

2011 Ms. Olympia Competition

1. Nicole Ball (Canada)
2. Sheila Bleck (USA)
3. Brigita Brezovac (Slovenia)
4. Kim Buck (USA)
5. Dayana Cadeau (Canada)
6. Tina Chandler (USA)
7. Heather Foster (USA)
8. Monique Jones (USA)
9. Iris Kyle (USA)
10. Debbie Laszewski (Debbie)
11. Cathy LeFrancois (Canada)
12. Mah Ann Mendoza (USA)
13. Helle Nielsen (Denmark)
14. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (Venezuela)
15. Kim Perez (USA)
16. Alina Popa (Switzerland)
17. Skadi Seifert (Germany)
18. Betty Viana-Adkins (Venezuela)

2011 Mr. Olympia Weekend Prize Money

Wow – the 2011 Olympia Weekend prize money is increasing to $825,000. That is incredible, especially during these tough times, that the greatest bodybuilding contest weekend of the year is bringing more prize money to its athletes. $825,000. Not bad at all!

The breakdown is as follows.

Mr. Olympia – $600,000 prize money. The top IFBB mens pro bodybuilding contest of the year just keeps on getting better, with Jay Cutler coming back to defend his title against Phil Heath and a ton of others who just may surprise everyone. Can Jay sustain the title? Nothing is for sure.

Mr. Olympia 202lb Showdown – $25,000 prize money. This is Kevin English’ show to win, and with David Henry out (overseas with the United States Army on a tour of duty), we can’t wait to see who else is going to rise up and challenge the winner.

Ms. Olympia – $60,000 prize money. With women’s bodybuilding, only the Ms Olympia continues to provide an incredible amount of money for some of the most disciplined competitors out there. Here in Las Vegas, the best of the best will be showcased.

Fitness Olympia – $60,000 prize money. Some of the best and toughest competitors will be here in Las Vegas to showcase their fitness routines, which now is 2/3’s of the score. So the ones that dazzle and delight the audience with there incredible routines just may win it all!

Figure Olympia – $60,000 prize money. Battle is brewing here! Defending champion Erin Stern against current Arnold winner Nicole Wilkins is going to be quite interesting. But who knows, maybe someone else just may step up, and take the title away.

Bikini Olympia – $20,000. Last year was the first year of this new division, and Sonia Gonzales took the title. However, Sonia lost to Nicole Nagrani at this years Bikini International, so it is going to be a great contest as to who will come out on top. Put in Nathalia Melo, Amanda Latona and Jaime Baird, and you never know what may happen.

2011 Mr. Olympia Weekend Dates

For some of you planning ahead, the 2011 Mr. Olympia is going to be a week earlier, on the weekend of September 16-17th. This year’s Olympia was one of the most successful ever, with a near record crowd at the Orleans Arena and at the expo.

2010 Olympia Pictures

Pictures from around the 2010 Olympia – will be updated as new events unfold.

Here is the link to check them all out, taken by Isaac Hinds and Ron Avidan

2010 Olympia Picture Galleries

Also, for the latest Twitter tweets at the happenings, updates and results, click below

Getbig Twitter Links

2010 Olympia Schedule

Here is the schedule of the Olympia Weekend (from, for all those who are going. Most of the action will be at the Orleans Hotel and Arena, and at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For those who can’t make it, there will be a free webcast of the actual contests, courtesy of

Thursday, September 23 – Orleans Hotel
12:00 PM – Olympia Press Conference (Mr. Olympia Only) – Showroom
7:00 PM Meet the Olympians (VIPs Only) – Mardi Gras Ballroom
8:00 PM Meet the Olympians (Open to Public) – Mardi Gras Ballroom

Friday, September 24 – Las Vegas Convention Center (South Hall)
9:00 AM – Athlete Shuttle Departs from the Orleans Hotel
10:00 AM – Olympia Expo
10:00 AM – MHP Presents America’s Strongest Man – Fan Experience
10:30 AM Women’s Judging:
– Fitness Olympia
– Bikini Olympia
– Figure Olympia
– Ms. Olympia
12:00 PM – Everlast Presents Pound4Pound Challenge (Bench & Squat)
12:00 PM – BSN Presents Olympia’s Grappling & Jiu Jitsu Super Show
1:00 PM – MHP Presents America’s Strongest Man
1:00 PM – Gaspari Nutrition Presents FLEX Bikini Model Search – Judging
– Gaspari Nutrition Presents M&F Male Model Search – Judging
3:00 PM – Olympia Backstage Tour and Photo Opportunity
3:30 PM – World’s Strongest Bodybuilder II – Bench

Orleans Arena
5:00 PM – Rehearsals for Fitness, Bikini & Ms. Olympia
7:00 PM – Fitness, Bikini & Ms. Olympia Finals / Mr. Olympia Judging

Saturday, September 25 – Las Vegas Convention Center (South Hall)
10:00 AM – Olympia Expo
10:00 AM – MHP Presents America’s Strongest Man – Fan Experience
10:00 AM – BSN Presents Olympia’s Grappling & Jiu Jitsu Supershow
10:30 AM – Olympia 202 Showdown – Judging & Individual Posing
12:00 PM – Everlast Presents Pound4Pound Challenge (Shoulder Press & Deadlift)
12:00 PM – MHP Presents America’s Strongest Man
1:00 PM – Gaspari Nutrition Presents FLEX Bikini Model Search – Finals
– Gaspari Nutrition Presents M&F Male Model Search – Finals
3:00 PM – World’s Strongest Bodybuilder II – Deadlift
– Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships

Orleans Arena
5:00 PM – Rehearsals for 202 Showdown, Figure & Mr. Olympia Competitors
7:00 PM – 202 Showdown, Figure & Mr. Olympia Finals
11:00 PM – Olympia Victory Gala (Gold & Silver VIPs Only) – Mardi Gras Ballroom

Sunday, September 26 – Orleans Hotel
11:00 AM Olympia Superstar Seminar – Mardi Gras Ballroom

2010 Olympia Weekend After Party

From Jason Dhir –> At 11pm on Saturday night September 25th, history will be made… The doors to HAZE nightclub will open to hold the first ever Official Olympia Party. The Olympia weekend has set the standard for the industries trade shows/competitions bringing in Hollywood celebrities, over the top entertainment and hundreds of pro athletes and models from around the globe. Hence, in order to bring a MEGA-Party such as this to Vegas (similar to what I do annually every March in Columbus, Ohio), there is ultimately only one site on the Vegas strip that can contain this Massive Mastodon of Mega and that is at HAZE Night club located at Aria Hotel/Resort.

This will be a new standard in Olympia After-Parties and is held at one next level location. I am not talking about a wine and cheese affair at a hotel welcoming room nor a half assed hot or not after party. I am talking an upper echelon, pinch me I am dreaming, reality check party… so fasten your seatbelts

Free 2010 Olympia Webcast Announces Exclusive Olympia Webcast. You’ll Have the Best Seat in the House!, the leader in Internet bodybuilding content, is proud to announce an exclusive agreement that brings the 2010 Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend to bodybuilding fans around the world. For the 4th consecutive year, – the world’s #1 most-visited bodybuilding website – will provide a LIVE webcast of the year’s biggest event FREE of charge.

Mark your calendars for Friday September 24th and Saturday September 25th as Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson and 22 of the world’s best battle for the right to be called Mr. Olympia. In addition to the prestigious Mr. Olympia contest,’s coverage from Las Vegas also includes LIVE webcasts of the Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Ms. Olympia and the inaugural Bikini Olympia.

You’ll enjoy the best seat in the house with exclusive access to the backstage “Pump-Up” room and interviews with the contenders. Veteran commentator Dan Solomon returns to lead a team of announcers that includes Radio Host Larry Pepe, Industry Expert Sommer Robertson, and IFBB Fitness Pro Carla Sanchez.

If you can’t make the trip to Vegas, join us at for a LIVE presentation of the 45th annual Olympia Weekend, brought to you at home by Optimum Nutrition and!

For more information and expanded Olympia coverage, visit’s Olympia Main Page at

2009 Olympia Weekend Pictures

Wow, this weekend was an incredible weekend, with each contest creating new superstars and unexpected surprises. We were all over, taking pictures from the stage, backstage, in the expo, at the seminar on Sunday, and even on Thursday, with the competitors meeting, and Meet the Olympians. Here is the link, located on, where you can see most of the pictures, as they are still being added.

2009 Olympia 202lbs and Under Results

Wow! What a great contest! With heavily favorite David Henry coming into this show to repeat, Kevin English stole the thunder by outmuscleling David to become the new best 202lbs and under bodybuilder in the world. Eduardo Correa also looked great, and some had him to win it all. Here is the results.

1. Kevin English
2. David Henry
3. Eduardo Correa
4. Mark Dugdale
5. James “FLEX” Lewis
6. Jose Raymond
7. Richard “TRICKY” Jackson
8. Jason Arntz
9. Lee Powell
10. John Hodgson
11. Charles Dixon
12. Kris Dim
13. Clarence Devis
14. Stan McQuay
15. Daryl Gee