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BodySpace 2011 Spokesmodel Top 5

Iron Man Magazine presents The 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search! Congratulations on the top 5 out of over 350 contestants. The winners will be chosen live in Los Angeles on January 29th at the Fit Expo. See you there. The top five (for men and women) are:

The Women:

Kathleen Tesori (Kathleen Tesori)
Felicia Romero (fromero)
Laura Bailey (jumper11)
Jennifer Rankin (TXphysique)
Lindsay Kaye Miller (linzkaye)

The Men:

Kelechi Opara (madtitan)
Scott Dorn (SMDMN)
Kizzito Ejam (kizmvp)
Ryan Hughes (dubcplaya069)
Stephen Cook (stevecook_32)

Planet Fitness Gyms – no more personal trainers.

Who needs these people? All they do is ‘rent a friend’. That is the opinion of Mike Grondahl, CEO of Planet Fitness Gyms. And while he has a right to that opinion, he is doing more than that. He is going to eliminate all personal training sessions at the gyms. Wow.

Here is the article from Club Industry Magazine.

Planet Fitness is discontinuing personal training at its clubs, according to CEO Mike Grondahl. In a letter written to Planet Fitness owners, Grondahl says the Newington, NH-based company’s corporate-owned clubs will end all personal training sessions by Dec. 16. Franchisees will have until the first quarter of 2011 to end their personal training sessions.

“The decision to end personal training has been long and arduous,” Grondahl wrote in the letter. “It goes right to the essence of our business model. We’ve always tried to keep personal training to a minimum at Planet Fitness. But the problems related to having trainers in our gyms have never completely gone away. Lately, they’ve gotten worse. Too many trainers are pushing PT on our members, the vast majority of whom have zero interest in it. These clubs are opening themselves up to trouble.”

Grondahl says the clubs will continue their “P.E. at P.F.”—physical education at Planet Fitness—group fitness training sessions. Grondahl began the letter by claiming that most people doing personal training are “just renting friends.”

“For us to be selling personal training is a fraud and downright condescending to anyone who can breathe,” he wrote. Grondahl adds in the letter that personal training did not fit Planet Fitness’ “judgment-free zone” and that the company plans to use its no personal training model as a marketing tool.

“We’ll be the only fitness chain that can say we’ll never try to sell you personal training,” Grondahl wrote. “A lot of people will say we are dead wrong with this historic move. But the world was flat once, and who the hell needs a friend for 50 bucks an hour?”

Phil Heath is not going to compete in the 2011 Arnold Classic

From Phil Heath – “Hello all! After long thought and consulting with family and friends, I have decided NOT to compete at the ’11 Arnold Classic. This was a very difficult decision to make as I had a great ’10 season. I want to thank my beautiful wife Jennie for her on-going support along with my sponsors Team MuscleTech and Weider/AMI. ”

With this statement, the number two ranked IFBB pro bodybuilder in the world is foregoing the early season to concentrate on the 2011 Mr. Olympia in the hopes of defeating Jay Cutler and finally picking up the title of the best of the best. But Phil will surely be missed at the first Flex Pro, and now the 2011 Arnold Classic.

So who is happy with this? The other pro bodybuilders that are going to compete in these contests. The prize money at the Arnold Classic is only second best to the Olympia. See you there.

2011 NPC Men’s Physique – Rules & Guidelines

Here we go, the latest information about the NPC Men’s Physique Division, starting in 2011. Beginning in 2011 a new division for men will be introduced – Men’s Physique. The following are the guidelines/rules.

Judging Criteria:

* Muscularity and Body Condition: Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down.

* Stage Presence and Personality: Contestants will be asked to walk in board shorts (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts however a manufacturer’s logo such as Nike symbol or Billabong are acceptable. Competitors will enter the stage without a shirt and barefoot. No lewd acts are allowed. Example: The moon pose. Judges are looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality to the audience.



* Competitors will walk to the center of the stage alone and perform quarter (1/4) turns with optional pose of hand on hip or hand in pocket, face the judges as directed then proceed to the side of the stage.

Comparison Round:

* The competitors will be brought back out in a group and directed to do quarter turns

* Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in quarter turns.

Promoters can choose to have one class or two. For contests with two classes:

* Up to including 5’8”
* Over 5’8”

National level contests do not permit competitors to crossover into Bodybuilding. All other competitions are permitted to have crossovers at the discretion of the promoter with district chairperson’s approval.

Who Qualifies for National Level Men’s Physique Competitions:

Competitors that place in the top five (5) in each class at national qualifying contests will have a one year qualification for national level events.

Note: For 2011 a place in the top five (5) of any Men’s Physique contest will qualify you for national level contests.


* NPC JUNIOR USA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Top 2 placers in the overall comparison earn IFBB Pro Card

* NPC JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Top 4 placers in the overall comparison earn IFBB Pro Card

* TEAM UNIVERSE – Height class winners earn IFBB Pro Card

* NPC USA CHAMPIONSHIPS – Height class winners earn IFBB Pro Card

* IFBB NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS – Top 2 placers in the overall comparison earn IFBB Pro Card

* NPC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Height class winners earn IFBB Pro Card

NPC USA Notice to class winners

News Release regarding this weekend’s NPC USA contest in Las Vegas.

The Following Athlete’s Are Required To Participate In The NPC NEWS Photo Shoot With J.M. Manion On Sunday, August 1st, at The Embassy Suites Hotel From 9 a.m. To 12 Noon:


Only The 4 Overall Winners Are To Bring Their Overall Trophies. The Men’s & Women’s Overall Winners Are To Bring Their Posing Suit & Posing Oil.

The 6 Bikini & 6 Figure Height Class Winners Are To Bring Their 2-Piece Competition Suits Along With Any Other 2-Piece Bikini’s.

All Competitors Please Plan Accordingly With Your Travel Plans.

NPC USA – record breaking competitors to compete

This is the NPC contest that all strive to compete in – the big daddy in the Western United States – where the best come to compete, and where 18 IFBB Pro cards will be earned by the end of Saturday night. Over 500 competitors are gathering in Las Vegas on July 23-24th, and we are excited to be there to check it out, as we will be putting up contest pictures on

Here is the information on the NPC USA, and where to get tickets, and the schedule. For more information, go to


2010 IFBB Tampa Pro Press Conference Pics

Thanks to Isaac Hinds, here are some press conference pictures of the IFBB PBW Tampa, on Friday evening. Favorite Hidetada and Cathy LeFrancois look great, as well as a multitude of other competitors in an ‘Olympia’ style press conference, in which Bob Chicherillo and Dan Solomon hosted. Here are the pics

Press Conference Pics

Jerome Ferguson marries Marnie Holley

Muscle Beach, Venice, California is known for a lot of things, including where many bodybuilders worked out, competitions and sheer spectacles. But on this warm, sunny day on July 4th, 2010 – top NPC competitor Jerome ‘Hollywood’ Ferguson married the love of his life, IFBB Pro Marnie Holley, right on the stage at Muscle Beach. It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with Marnie coming down the boardwalk in a horse drawn carriage. Here are a few of the pics, as it was a pleasure to attend.




Here is a link to a lot more pictures from the ceremony.

Marnie & Jerome’s Ceremony Pictures

2010 Boise Fitness Expo

The largest Fitness Expo in Idaho will be held on May 7th and 8th at the Qwest Arena in Boise, Idaho. Hosted by, it is going to feature a ton of vendors, lots of various stars and competitors, and a fot body competition, and of course, the ever popular Mister Puniverse. Here is more info on the fitness expo. See you there.


2010 NPC Orange County – Hany Rambod

We had a new guest emcee at the 2010 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic here in Anaheim, California, and it turned out to be none other than Hany Rambod, know as the ‘Pro Creator’ and the founder of the FST-7 training system. This was Hany’s first time as as an emcee, and he co-emceed it with veteran Mike Stolle. Hany did a good job, with confidence and looked like he was enjoying himself up there in front of a crowd of a thousand plus. Here are some pics.

Hany and Mike on stage

Going over notes before finals

2010 NPC Emerald Cup Pics & Results

The 2010 NPC Emerald Cup contest, on April 17, 2010, in Snoqualmie, Washington, was a lot of fun, with over 300 competitors. Here are the pictures the event, including backstage and misc pics.

Backstage Pictures
Misc and Expo Pics
Men’s Bodybuilding Pics
Bikini Pics
Figure Pics
Fitness Pics
Women’s Bodybuilding Pics
Award Pics

Here are the results from the 2010 NPC Emerald Cup

Men’s Bodybuilding Results
Figure Results
Fitness Results
Women’s Bodybuilding Results
Bikini Results

IFBB Phoenix Pro – Friday

Competitor meetings were held today, and it looks like a lot of the competitors were definately in shape, and ready to rock and roll tomorrow. Competitor pics are up on in the 2010 Phoenix Pro area. Prejudging starts at 11am. It will start with the Figure One Piece Swimsuit Round, then the Mends 202 and Under, then the Fitness Two Piece Swimsuit Round, then Womens Bodybuilding, then Figure Two Piece Swimsuit Round, and finally the Men’s Pro Bodybuilding (I expect this to start around 1 – 1:30pm). Pictures will be up on right after prejudging.

IFBB Phoenix Pro – Who will win?

With less than a week left to go before the IFBB Phoenix Pro, speculation as who is going to win the contest always is brought up. Everyone has an opinion, and the debate rages on as more pictures, videos, and past contest results render an opinion. But one thing is certain. Until that Saturday morning at prejudging, anything can happen.

With Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon and Larry Pepe discussing the Phoenix Pro on the PBW Radio program, and Lonnie Teper, Isaac Hinds, and Ron Avidan adding their opinions, here is what they chose as their top five.

Bob Cicherillo

1. Toney Freeman
2. Melvin Anthony
3. Troy Alves
4. Hidetada Yamagishi
5. Micheal Liberatore

Larry Pepe

1. Melvin Anthony
2. Toney Freeman
3. Troy Alves
4. Tarek Elsetouhi
5. Hidetada Yamagishi

Dan Solomon

1. Toney Freeman
2. Melvin Anthony
3. Troy Alves
4. Hidetada Yamagushi
5. Moe Bannout

Lonnie Teper

1. Toney Freeman
2. Quincy Taylor
3. Hidetada Yamagishi
4. Troy Alves
5. Tarek Elsetouhi
6. Melvin Anthony
7. Micheal Liberatore

Isaac Hinds

1. Melvin Anthony
2. Toney Freeman
3. Tarek Elsetouhi
4. Troy Alves
5. Micheal Liberatore
6. Hidetada Yamagishi

As for Ron Avidan, I looked into the RAS Rankings, and will abide by those rankings, which are…

1. Toney Freeman
2. Hidetada Yamagishi
3. Melvin Anthony
4. Troy Alves
5. Tarek Elsetouhi

Let the best competitors prove us wrong!

Muscletech is title sponsor for Muscle Beach 2010

Joe Wheatley Productions is proud to announce that MuscleTech will be the Title Sponsor for all 3 shows this summer, The Muscle Beach International Classic & Armed Forces Championship (Memorial Day), Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach (July 4th) and the Muscle Beach Championship (Labor Day).


Beginning with the Memorial Day contest, it will be open to all amateur athletes and active, reserve and retired members of the Armed Forces. This competition celebrates and acknowledges health and fitness and recognizes the contributions of the members of the Armed Forces to the United States.

Featured that day is a flyover from a C-17 Globemaster stationed at March AFB. Opening remarks from a high ranking Officer from Los Angeles AFB, an induction ceremony of new recruits, and static equipment displays are also highlighted at the event.

The flyover is extremely moving. I’d like to share the following story. Three years ago as the C-17 roared overhead when the National Anthem reached it’s crescendo, Lonnie Teper, “writer extraordinaire” for Iron Man Magazine stood next to me. I noticed a tear trickling down his cheek. I asked him if he was okay. He sheepishly replied, “Yeah, I ah got some suntan lotion in my eye”. I just smiled! They come in “Low, Slow, & Dirty” at about a thousand feet. If you aren’t doing anything on Memorial Day, it’s truly a sight to behold.

Representatives from the Health and Fitness Industry –, Iron Man Magazine, Weider International, “TheOfficial Energy Shot of Muscle Beach”- AllDay Energy, House of Pain, Vitamin Water, ProFight, Gaspari Nutrition, Eric The Trainer, Ivanko, Global Rainfall and many others will be on site to provide education, samples and demonstrations of the most recent and advanced equipment and products that support and facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

IFBB Phoenix Pro: Top Men’s Bodybuilders

The first IFBB pro contests of the 2010 season are almost upon us, and in the Men’s Bodybuilding contest, it is shaping up to be a good battle between some seasoned competitors. Whereas there are always surprises on who is going to be competing, the top 4 look like it is going to be Melvin Anthony, Troy Alves, Toney Freeman and Hidetada Yamagishi, not necessarily in that order.

Troy Alves is the hometown favorite, since he lives in Phoenix and owns his own supplement and training store there. Troy will definitely be ready for this contest, as he has learned from his mistakes from last years 11th placing at the Ironman, and moved up to win the IFBB Orlando Show of Champions, and place 3rd at the IFBB Atlantic City Pro. We won’t talk about the 2009 Olympia though. Still, fans are predicting that Troy is going to take this show and prove to everyone he is the best to start the season.

Melvin Anthony also is training hard right now, staying with Dennis James, who is making sure Melvin will be ready for this contest. We just heard Melvin Anthony on Pro Bodybuilding Radio last Monday night discussing his preparation for the contest, and we know his posing routine (which won’t count in the scoring this season) will be great. Can Melvin take this show and win it? Of course he can. While Troy beat Melvin at the IFBB Atlantic City Pro last year by one placing, it was Melvin that placed ahead of Troy at the 2009 IFBB Olympia.

Hidetada Yamagichi continues to improve his physique, and this year may be the time in which Hide will surpass the others. Hidetada placed second last year at both the IFBB Orlando Pro Show of Champions and the IFBB Atlantic City Pro, but also beat Melvin Anthony and Troy Alves at the IFBB Olympia, making it into the coveted top 10 rankings of the best bodybuilders in the world. No one should underestimate Hideatada at this contest.

Toney Freeman, based on rankings, is probably the best bodybuilders that will be on the stage in Phoenix, coming from an 8th place finish at the 2009 IFBB Olympia and a win at the 2009 IFBB Sacramento Pro. So why are people doubting that Toney is going to win this contest? They shouldn’t, as Toney has proved time and time again that his physique and muscularity should dominate the contest. Toney is the favorite here, based on a myriad of fans responses.

There are others who can place and surprise everyone, including Johnnie Jackson and Quincy Taylor, both who can be really on, or just miss their conditioning. Others who plan on competing include DeShaun Grimez, Neil Hill, Mike Libertore, Mehmet Yildrim, Stan “The White Rhino” Efferding, Daniel Hill, Andy Haman, and Con Demetriou. An official list should be out soon.