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Gossip & Opinions / Re: Russia has penetrated Ukraine
« Last post by obsidian on Today at 02:27:29 PM »
Thanks bro. Ps. Forgot to mention: it’s the jew media as well, yo!
Another great post! You're getting better!  ;D :D
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Russia has penetrated Ukraine
« Last post by obsidian on Today at 02:26:40 PM »
This is HUGE!

CNBC, don't care. Fake news. Can't be trusted.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Russia has penetrated Ukraine
« Last post by obsidian on Today at 02:26:09 PM »
Gen. Petraeus says Russia is:

* Losing on the battlefield,
* Its irreversible
* And he cannot win the war

As an objective credibility marker he references when Kherson is re-taken as a key sign of the above

But what does this guy know compared to Youtubers and other sundry punditry,  he's only a Four Star, clueless msm lackey, no cred at all
Then why did he fail in Afghanistan?

MSM called him a disgrace a few years ago. This guy is delusional if he thinks Russia can be destroyed without other nations including the USA going down. In racing, there is a term RWYB (run what ya brung). The USA had atomic weapons and used them in Japan since that was one of their tools that were available. Russia has nukes. So why is it a sign of weakness if Russia uses them, but not America? The USA is really the only country so far that has used them in war.


Russia should use nukes as needed absolutely. In the end, the conventional war death toll will just keep going up. It is probably time for Russia to start taking out infrastructure as the USA did in Iraq. They should use tactical nukes to destroy incoming weapon shipments. And they should use tactical nukes against the decision centers that are prolonging the war.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random Bodybuilding Pics
« Last post by Rascal full on Today at 02:22:12 PM »
Munzer was just ridiculous, absolutely no flaws and ripped to shreds. Even veins popping out on his back.
Some truth in what he says about how the west built its power and subdues other nations and plunders their resources. That said Russia did the same thing as the USSR (and if other nations had the chance they'd do it too) and I'd much rather live in the US than in Russia.
Depends on where in USA. There are plenty of shitholes in America. Then again most nations have parts that are really bad, with trash littered everywhere. The difference is just how widespread it is. 1950s America was cleaner than 2022 America though for sure!
Reproduction and the x and Y chromosome. It’s literally as simple as that. You know they’re all about science, right

that's sex, since that was too much for you, define gender.
You’ll hate this
Lol that's awesome! Pretty ignorant to assume there is no God just because they cannot see God. Meanwhile, the evidence is all around them. Our Solar System developed out of a Solar Nebula which in turn came into existence as a remnant of ancient supermassive stars that ended in supernova explosions. It is really wild when you consider how it all was created. Atheists in the end will die not being able to answer the question about where it all came from. They don't know and have to "believe" they are right. Thus atheists also "believe" in something. Maybe they have a religion after all?!
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Vince agrees
« Last post by Rascal full on Today at 02:13:57 PM »
when i get there i guess i will

You're a cocky little kunt, aren't you? You eithe get old or you die, quit dropping words like 'Boomer' and sniggering up your sleeve at 'old' people, sad little punk.
Exercising my 'little computer skills' since you brought it up. 

How far over $6? Is it almost a buck over like you previously posted? How much is that Chevron station in L.A. charging today that was charging $8.35 a gallon? Below is a screenshot of the price of gas at the Huntington Harbor Car Wash 6 hours ago.

lol….would you like me to go back and take a daytime picture? You’re fucking a 1000miles away I’m a mile away. You said it was 5.19. Humble yourself
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random Bodybuilding Pics
« Last post by NarcissisticDeity on Today at 02:09:52 PM »
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